Hines Ward’s 186 consecutive games with a catch streak ends due to helmet to helmet hit

A streak comes to an end due to the latest problem that has kept the NFL on its toes.

The streak being Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward’s catching a pass in 186 consecutive games streak, which was ended by James Sanders.

Ward attempted to catch a pass late in the first quarter during the Sunday Night game when Sanders ran up and hit the receiver in the helmet with his own helmet.

The blow to the head caused Ward to drop the ball he was attempting to catch that could of kept his streak alive.

That would be the only attempt quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would throw to Ward as he was unable to return to the game despite numerous attempts to get back on the field through out the game from the sidelines.

During the game sideline reporter Andrea Kremer, said that Ward was questionable during the game because he was said to have had a neck injury.

Despite Ward not coming back to the game anyways if he was diagnosed with a concussion during the game he wouldn’t of been eligible to play.

After the loss against the New England Patriots, the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said that Ward had actually suffered a concussion during the game and will go through a series of test this week to see if he can play against the Oakland Raiders next Sunday.

Ward said after the game that he felt he could return even thought the team doctors would not allow him to play.

Ward’s streak was the third-longest in NFL history. Marvin Harrison being second with 191 consecutive games and the almost untouchable 274 game streak which is owned by Jerry Rice.


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