Julian Reed’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft

1.) Los Angeles Rams – Fortunately for the Rams, they hardly have the (lacking) roster par for the course of your traditional number one draft selection team. Though their offensive line, linebacker group and receiving corps could desperately use the supplemental influx of new talent, those are ultimately positions they can address at other points in the draft. You don’t trade the barn for anything other than the chance at a potential franchise QB.      – Jared Goff (QB) University of Cal

2.) Philadelphia Eagles – Like the Rams, in this position due to a mega trade in which they gave up the barn to move up to 2. Same ideology in effect. When you trade the barn, you’re almost certainly going Quarterback. – Carson Wentz (QB) North Dakota State University

3.) San Diego Chargers – Though the Chargers could use an interior run stopper, a pass rusher, exterior offensive line aid, etc, I don’t envision them passing up the best defensive back in the draft. For his cover corner skills, intangibles like size, and versatility to also play safety, Ramsey feels like the move. – Jalen Ramsey (DB) Florida State University

4.) Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys roster mirrors one of your traditional top 5 NFL draft selection team. Holes. They could use pass rushers, interior line play, defensive secondary help, and linebackers. Can’t address all those needs in one pick. There’s also the “Jerry Effect”. Cowboys historically and currently like star power. Despite the needs on defense, I’m expecting them to go best player available.  – Ezekiel Elliott (RB) Ohio State University

5.) Jacksonville Jaguars – With the abundance of elite talents in the top end of this draft, teams in the 4-9ish positions have some flexibility and options. Any of these teams can take the best player available and still feel overjoyed about the selection. Jaguars are pretty solid on offense. At quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Besides offensive line, most of their pressing needs are on the defensive side of the ball. Despite prime talent options that would fill needs at other positions on defense, I think they’re going to bet on the ceiling upside of Bosa at 5.  – Joey Bosa (DE) Ohio State University

6.) Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens coming off a disappointing and epic injury riddled season of the highest order have a few positions of dire need. Despite crucial opportunity to solidify defensive units with Jack and Buckner likely available at 6, offensive line has to be their most pressing war room priority. Logic being, if you’re not drafting Quarterback, with an above average football team already, you’re drafting protection for your quarterback. With Franchise QB Joe Flacco coming off a season ending ACL tear last season. Expect O-line to be the emphasis from this club come draft time. – Laremy Tunsil (LT) University of Ole Miss

7.) San Francisco 49ers – The Niners have had one of the most tumultuous team meltdowns in NFL history the past few years. Losing future hall of famers and elite talent to retirement and free agency, and shuffling through two coaching staffs. Picking at 7 with newly installed Chip Kelly, I expect the Niners to eye consistency and a longterm focus on their selection. Despite the tremendous temptation of defensive studs who likely will still be on the board like Buckner, I expect San Fran to shore up their offensive line in this position. – Ronnie Stanley (OT) Notre Dame.

8.) Cleveland Browns – The Browns, trading out of the two slot in order to move back and acquire a bevy of picks have a series of needs on both sides of the ball. Though they could use a playmaker on offense, don’t envision one worthy of a top 10 selection will be available for them at 8. Expect them to go defense with this pick. – DeForest Buckner (DE) University of Oregon

9.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs have some promising young prospects on both sides of the ball, but still lack playmakers on defense. I think they’ll prioritize linebacker in round 1. – Leonard Floyd (OLB) Georgia University

10.) New York Giants – The Giants are a team who would really benefit from multiple early picks. A lot of holes on defense, despite what they’ve done in free agency during the offseason. However, I expect offensive line to be their top priority, with the clock on aging veteran Eli Manning at its final hour.  – Jack Conklin (OT) Michigan State University

11.) Chicago Bears – The Bears, being a team that isn’t far removed from a season where they were one of the worst defenses statistically of all time needless to say still have many areas of their defense to shore up with playmakers and depth. I think it’s a safe bet they’ll go defense in round one. – Myles Jack (OLB) UCLA

12.) New Orleans Saints – New Orleans, coming to the end of the Drew Brees era have a few areas they can stand to improve in round one. Offensive line, running back, defensive back, interior and exterior pass rush. Given the wealth of defensive talent at the top half of this draft, I’d be surprised if they didn’t address the defensive line.  – Shaq Lawson (DE) Clemson University

13.) Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins, losing some key players to free agency and still fielding a relatively young roster could stand to address their defense as well. I expect the Dolphins to go DB in round one. – Vernon Hargreaves (CB) University of Florida

14.) Oakland Raiders – The Raiders, fielding a roster that nearly made the playoffs last year, with huge acquisitions like Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree are in prime position to make another surge forward this year, starting with an impactful potential day one starter from round one. – Darron Lee (OLB) Ohio State University

15.) Tennessee Titans – The Titans have a very young and lacking football team. Now that they have the promising franchise quarterback prospect in Mariota, expect them to prioritize making his life a little easier i round one. Wide receiver or offensive line, most likely. – Taylor Decker (OT) Ohio State University.

16.) Detroit Lions – The Lions could stand to improve their offensive line, defensive secondary and receiving corps, but I feel like the continued crater left in the wake of Suh’s loss will galvanize them to draft for their future at defensive tackle. – Sheldon Rankins (DT) University of Louisville

17.) Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons have a ton of holes on defense to address. With a lot of prime interior talent still available in the latter half of this draft, expect them to go defensive tackle or pass rusher. – Robert Nkemdiche (DT) Ole Miss

18.) Indianapolis Colts – Indy could use playmakers on all three levels on defense, a true reliable running back, but they almost certainly have to go offensive line here. Fielding one of the worst lines in the NFL, and star QB Andrew Luck coming off serious injury, protection is much needed. Offensive line has to be the pick. – Ryan Kelly (C) University of Alabama

19.) Buffalo Bills – Bills are pretty stacked on both sides of the ball. Smaller holes. Can afford to take best player available, or address a need in this spot. – Jarran Reed (DT) University of Alabama

20.) New York Jets – The Jets historically have prioritized defense in round one. I expect that trend to end, despite the D-Line talent still available in round one, because of their unknown at quarterback. – Paxton Lynch (QB) University of Memphis

21.) Washington Redskins – Washington could significantly upgrade their defensive line here. With acquisition of Josh Norman, their secondary is arguably solidified. I think they’re likely to go best player available. – LaQuan Treadwell (WR) Ole Miss University

22.) Houston Texans – The Texans are pretty solid at most of the critical skill positions. Like many of the other teams picking at the end of the round, expect them to lean best player available. – Corey Coleman (WR) Baylor University

23.) Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings, coming off a playoff berth could stand to improve their offensive line, and a few spots on defense. In this position, they can go a few different ways, but I think BPA ideology holds. – Reggie Ragland (ILB) University of Alabama

24.) Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals, now having lost significant key cogs Marvin Jones, Mohammed Sanu and other contributors to free agency have lost the advantage of depth. May take multiple years of good drafts to fully restock the cupboard, but it starts with this selection. – Josh Doctson (WR) TCU University

25.) Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers, still in a multi year project of rebuilding their extremely young defense have some flexibility in this spot. However, I think they’re likely to address a need. – Eli Apple (CB) Ohio State University

26.) Seattle Seahawks – Seattle has withstood the attrition of multiple years of losing prime talent to free agency. Last season, we began to see it take its toll, particularly on defense. I expect they’ll address depth in the interior line of the defense here. – Kevin Dodd (DE) University of Clemson

27.) Green Bay Packers – The Packers are one of those teams who almost have to address the defensive side of the ball. Losing BJ Raji to retirement is a huge loss that I think will be the motivation for their selection in this spot. – A’shawn Robinson (DT) University of Alabama

28.) Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs, pretty set on defense but lacking on offense could go a few different ways this late in the round. I think wide receiver will be the priority, because of their lack of playmaking talent at that position. Maclin isn’t enough to be viable in the passing game. – Will Fuller (WR) Notre Dame

29.) Arizona Cardinals – Despite the prowess of the Cardinals defense last year, their obliteration at the hands of the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship Game highlighted their holes in the secondary that still need to be filled. – Mackensie Alexander (CB) University of Clemson

30.) Carolina Panthers – The Runner up of this last NFL season has taken on some significant losses, and still has a few fatal flaws in its roster makeup. Though they desperately need a wide receiver to compliment the returning Kelvin Benjamin, the recent loss of Josh Norman has to be addressed first. – William Jackson III (CB) University of Houston

31.) Denver Broncos – In the trend of most recent super bowl winning teams, the Champion Broncos have to now replace QB Brock Osweiler, Interior pass rusher Maalik Jackson alongside many other positions. Their offensive line is a major deficiency and could use improvement also. They could go virtually anywhere to end the first round. – Germain Iefedi (OT) Texas A&M University

* The New England Patriots were stripped of their first round selection for penalty, which is why there are only 31 picks, and not 32*


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