Mavericks collapse after huge lead against the Blazers

The Dallas Mavericks collapsed after being ahead 23 points in the 2nd half of Game 4 in their playoff series Saturday night.

Dirk Nowitzki went 1 for 3 with only four points in the 4th quarter as the Mavericks’ watched a comfortable lead fade away.

The Mavericks found themselves being outscored 35-15 in the 4th quarter as the Portland Trailblazers gained momentum.

Blazers’ Brandon Roy, who hit his first field goal of the game with 2 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, took the game into his hands as he rallied his team to victory.

Roy went on to score 18 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter as he went 8 for 10 shooting.

Mavericks’ Jason Terry had a chance at a game winning 3 point shot to win the game for Dallas but came up a bit short as it bounced back.

After the loss, the Mavericks were completely shocked at what had happened out on the court.

“We let one dude who didn’t do anything the whole game beat us,” Dallas’ Center Tyson Chandler said.

The Trail Blazers have tied the playoff series with the Mavericks tied 2-2.

Mavericks’ can still find a positive, as they play the next two games of the series against the Trailblazers at home in Dallas.


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