David Stern plans to retire in 2014

By Tim Cornell

David Stern announced today he will retire on the 30th anniversary of his taking of the NBA commissioner position on Feb. 1 2014.

He has taken the NBA from being tape delayed to an international power house. At 70 years old, Stern has been associated with the NBA for 46 years, 29 as commissioner.

During his tenure as commissioner the league has undergone huge changes. Seven new teams have been created. Six franchises have moved. The Finals trophy was renamed to the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The league has had four lockouts, the most recent in 2011. There have been several controversies during Stern tenure, but over all the league is unmeasurably stronger and bigger then it was when he stepped in on Feb. 1 1984.

Although it is a year and a half away, we must start looking towards the future of the NBA. The NBA Board of Governors unanimously voted to select Adam Silver as the next NBA commissioner. He was the obvious choice, as he has been serving as the Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer of the NBA for six years.

He was endorsed by Stern. Silver has been working for the NBA for 20 years. He oversees NBA Entertainment as well as the NBA’s international business ventures. It is possible he could push for an even bigger NBA presence internationally.

This preseason saw a huge international presence. Including games in China, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. While Silver has been working closely with Stern for some time now, he has many of his own ideas as to which direction the NBA should go.

It can be expected that the NBA will continue to grow in many ways. But it is no doubt that Feb. 1 2014, will be the beginning of a new and promising era for the NBA.


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