Top Three Games of Week 10 in the NFL

By Travis West

3.) Bears (7-1) vs. Texans (7-1)

The Bears’ Defense ranks first in takeaways and can put up serious points on the board. Their offense isn’t as potent as the Texans since all they really have in the passing game is Brandon Marshall. Jay Cutler and Marshall have been playing like they did in Denver and are a great combo, however, the Texans have a above average defense and Jonathan Joseph is one of the top corners in the league. I see the Texans pass rush being the difference in this game. The Bears O-line is weak and Cutler will be scrambling all game. Bears only chance is if Forte is on.

2.) Vikings (5-4) vs. Lions (4-4)

Before anyone thinks I’m biased, hear me out. These are two teams that can compete for a wild card spot. From this point on, every win and loss is crucial for any team looking to make a push, and to me that makes the game a must watch. Christian Ponder has been horrible ever since he threw his first pick and is declning game by game. On the other hand, Matthew Stafford is generating some momentum and is going to look to shred the Vikings secondary. Megatron and Titus Young are both listed as questionable, but most believe they will play. Only way Vikings win is if their defense can hold the Lions to under 21 points. Vikings will struggle without Percy Harvin and starting cornerback Chris was placed on IR in week 8 with a broken wrist.

1.) Eagles (3-5) vs. Cowboys (3-5)

Each season I hear how the NFC East will be the division that sets the standard and every season one team completely falls flat on their face. This season two teams have. It has been stressed that whoever loses this game is out of playoff contention and that is the harsh truth. Both teams have stacked rosters at almost every position, but injuries have been the death of the Eagles. Todd Herremans was the last of the starting offensive linemen to go down for the Eagles and Michael Vick has taken the punishment. Vick has been hit more than any other quarterback. Earlier today on ESPN It was reported that Vick gets hit on average 17 times a game. I really feel bad for the guy when I watch their games. I think the worst part is Vick really can’t complain otherwise the media will have his head. We all know the key for the eagles to win…Protect Vick. Cowboys just need to play like a football team. It always seems like one or two players are ready to go then the other isn’t and it all crumbles. Romo is on, Bryant is off. Figure it out. I hate to say it, but the Cowboys may take this one. Although the Cowboys offense hasn’t been great, they can score. Cornerbacks, Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne have been stellar in coverage against the best recievers in the league and with Demarcus Ware chasing Vick, i don’t see the eagles passing very much. Hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look good.


NFL Game Action (Cardinals vs. Eagles from earlier this season.) Photo by Travis West


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