Five ways to extend the career of RGIII

By Brandon Sans

Okay. We get it.

Everyone seems to be having a different opinion on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who sprained his knee in a Week 14 match-up against the Baltimore Ravens.

We all know the story.  He came out. He came in for four plays before he couldn’t go anymore.  After the game head coach Mike Shanahan told reporters that team doctors and world-renowned sports surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, gave RG3 clearance to re-enter the game.

Wait what?

That was the reaction of Andrews. According to a USA Today report Andrews never gave RG3 clearance to go back in the game.

The beginning of the end. Possibly

Now you probably know what happened late in the 4th quarter of the NFC wild card loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

So everyone is talking about what happens now. But what happens later?

RG3 will come back healthy but I want to know how can the Redskins  prevented another injury to its quarterback. Griffin is too smart in my opinion to let this happen again. No, don’t blame Shanahan. He just placed a lot of trust in Griffin and rightfully so.

Here are some ways to progress RG3’s career

  1.  Keep him healthy. 
    Well. Duh.  First before we worry about anything, RG3 needs to be 100% before we think about anything.
  2.  Tackles and Guards and Centers, offensive Line!
    Build up the line more.  Give your franchise the best line you can offer. With team owner Dan Snyder’s money, you need to make sure RG3 has a lot of time in the pocket.
  3. Learn from this season. 
    Well RG3 will have plenty of time to study game film.  He needs to learn when to slide and when to say enough is enough. I believe he is smart enough to learn.
  4. Change style of play
    No. Don’t not use his speed.  The Redskins would be good to make him more of a pocket passer who has the ability to scramble if a play breaks down.
  5. More Weapons.
    Not just offense.  If you can get a good defense up and running it makes it so much easier on RG3 to work. He would be able to go on the field knowing that if the drive isn’t working his defense can step up. He is too good and too smart to be a bust.  I predict everyone learns from this season and when he is ready, we should see the real RG3 again. Just hopefully a better-more safer one.

What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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