Sarah Thomas may be in the NFL soon

By Eric Katz

In 2006, Conference USA hired the first woman referee her name is Sarah Thomas. In 2009 she was selected to do a full college schedule.

After completing the 2009 season she was selected to do the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl Game. That made her the first woman to referee a college subdivision bowl game.

According to reports she could make her NFL refereeing debut in 2014.
What makes her more impressive besides being a woman is she is a mother also.

This all is very impressive but some problems still remain. Some people will think football especially at the professional level is a guy’s only sport. Well those people are dead wrong about that assumption.

Women do deserve a chance to do whatever they want to do in professional sports.
Another thing that is impressive is she is one of five woman referees in football. But she is the only woman referee reefing at the division one college football level.

I am one of many people that are excited that the gender barrier will be broken in the NFL in 2014. I can only imagine how many viewers will be watching their TV’s when she refs her first game. Some might even go to the game to see her break it.

Where ever they maybe I hope this inspires more woman to become referees in not just football but every sport. Thomas won’t be the last one to ref at the professional level.

Believe it or not more and more will show up. This is only the beginning of something amazing happening to the NFL.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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