The Guru calls for two upset specials over both Panthers and Broncos

By Trey Crosby III

I know you guys missed me. Don’t worry, the feeling is mutual. I went (9-6) on picks last week. Not too bad, but certainly not my best. So many options to talk about in the world of football this week, I’m just going to touch on a few.

Sorry to continue harping on it, but I’m losing more and more respect for Jonathan Martin in this ongoing Dolphins bullying saga. Yo Jonathan, I’m supposed to be thinking of you as a victim. An innocent victim of bullying. So much so, that you had to quit your day job and go all the way home with your parents. But, you had time to kick it on the sideline at the USC/Stanford game this weekend???? ehhhhhh?? HOLD ON PLAYA. Since when is that acceptable. This is becoming a joke. Wait, it is a joke.

Jonathan Martin is so sad and needs counseling, but he’s not hurt badly enough emotionally to enjoy a nice tailgate on a Saturday. Ya know, while his football team is preparing for a game that he’s being paid to play in but isn’t there. Yup, he knows he isn’t welcome back in Miami. At this point, he doesn’t deserve to be there.

Now to Incognito’s side of the story. He has filed a grievance because the Dolphins has suspended him for conduct detrimental to the team, but haven’t told him exactly what the conduct that was so detrimental was. Looks like Richie is in the right hear.

I’m not so sure of exactly what they can say either. Are you suspending him for racial slurs? It sounds like those terms are used freely in and around the Dolphins locker room, so how can you turn around and suspend Incognito for something everybody does. Should be fun watching to see how this story continues to develop.

You guys saw the Carolina/New England game right? The more I look at the replay, the more I believe the call made on the field was the correct one. Look, pass interference is a judgement call and it was in the officials judgement that Gronk was not going to catch that ball. I tend to agree with that notion as well.

Ex-referee Gerry Austin said “The calls kind of make themselves” and by that he meant, you can tell when someone is being interfered with. Watch Gronk’s feet on the replay, he wasn’t making any effort to move back towards the ball. He was settling in the back of the end zone.

My main problem is that Pats fans are begging for an untimed down off a poorly underthrown ball from Tom Brady. It’s the end of the game and all your hopes hinge upon an underthrown pass, if that’s all you’re going on, you probably deserved to lose that game. I also am a fan of situational refereeing.

Players play is dictated by situations, coaches coach according to the situation, why should that style be different for refs. So, yes maybe that flag should be thrown in the first quarter, but in the fourth, with the game on the line, let the players decide it on the field. Besides, New England had plenty of opportunities to win the ball game before that last play.

In my opinion they lost because of the old adage “Field Goals get you four points closer to losing”. What was the final score again? Oh. If the Pats don’t kick the field goal to only go up by 3, on Newton’s final drive the Panthers can only tie the game at best. I’m just saying, that final play isn’t what made Shane Vereen drop that wheel route pass. Nor did it make Talib injure himself and not be available to finish the game. “ICE UP SON, ICE UP.”

The NFL really fined Ahmad Brooks for his hit on Drew Brees. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. That’s a joke. Hey Ahmad, I’m chipping in $10 to help pay for the fine, who else is with me?

The worst part of that was the comment that Drew Brees made after the game. He said “I got hit so hard I knew it had to be a flag”. Wait what?? WHAT?? TIME OUT. You got hit so hard, you knew it was a flag. Is that what the NFL has come to now? If you get hit hard enough there has to be a flag? WAKE UP. IT’S FOOTBALL.


I had one more thing to say, but I’m upset now, I’ll save it for next week. To the picks.


2013-2014 Season picks record

Upset Special (3-7)

GuruDAMNtee (6-5)

Last Week (9-6)

Overall (93-69)
*Saints 38 @ Falcons 17* GuruDAMNtee
Jets 24 @ Ravens 28
Steelers 27 @ Browns 16
*Panthers 17 @ Dolphins 20* Upset Special
Bears 26 @ Rams 14
Bucs 19 @ Lions 35
Vikings 21 @ Packers 30
Jaguars 24 @ Texans 27
Chargers 17 @ Chiefs 22
Colts 17 @ Cardinals 24
Titans 26 @ Raiders 31
Cowboys 33 @ Giants 31
*Broncos 28 @ Patriots 30* Upset Special
49ers 31 @ Redskins 24

I’m taking the Saints over Atlanta as my “GuruDAMNtee”. At this point the Falcons are a joke and losing to Tampa has to be an embarrassment. Pack it in boys, see you next year.

TRAP GAME ALERT. TRAP GAME ALERT. Carolina won two HUGE games the past couple of weeks. Get ready for a letdown. I like Carolina, and I think they are going to compete for a shot at the division when they get to take on New Orleans twice later in the season. But, this is a sneaky good Dolphins team who are still very much alive in the AFC Wild Card race. I like Miami in a close one for an upset.

Notice I’m making two upset special picks this week. I am behind one week for my records because earlier this season I went with all favorites and no upsets so I am just making that up here.
So, upset numero dos is the Pats over the Broncos. Hear me out. Tom Brady and the Pats came off a bye week to get robbed in Carolina.

They have got to be on edge and need a huge win to restore confidence. Meanwhile, you have the Broncos coming off a huge victory over Kansas City last week. Tom Brady finds ways to win, and he loves beating Peyton. I think he gets it done here.

Give me the Packers over the Vikings. I think the Pack are done without A Rod but I’ll give them a dub over the lowly Vikings this week only because they are at home.

I seriously almost picked the Raiders last week until I saw that Pryor might not be playing. I quickly changed my decision. My oh my what a mistake. McGloin is GOLD I tell you GOLD. I’m betting he does it again and beats out the Titans this week with a stellar performance.
Finally, I’ll take the Cardinals over the Colts this week as well. Arizona is another sneaky good ball club.

I’ve always been a Carson Palmer fan, the guy is a stud. The Colts on the other hand have fallen into a funk now without Reggie Wayne. They barely scraped by Tennessee last week. Vegas agrees with me and has Arizona as 2 point favorites, I like them as well.

Feel free to leave a comment or question on anything said here, I’ll answer it.

With Roger Goodell handing out senseless fines for clean hits and Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig refusing to testify under oath against Alex Rodriguez, who by the way has been unfairly treated by MLB in his steroids matter whether wrong or right. I ask both commissioners to get it together, stand up and have a little….COURAGE.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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