Kevin Durant withdraws from Team USA

By Rayle King

Team  USA  suffered  another  blow  with  Kevin Durant pulling  out  of  the  FIBA Tournament  on  August 8th.

Durant, the reigning MVP, decided to sit out due to mental and physical exhaustion.

This decision,  comes  at  the  heels  of   the  season-ending  injury,  that  Indiana Pacers’ Paul George  suffered  last  week  during  scrimmage play amongst the members of Team USA. 

It  is  rumored  that the  injury  is  the  reason  why  Kevin  Durant  will  now  be  sitting  out. 

With  Durant  out,  the  front court  will  have  to  adjust  to  the  absence  of  him  and  Paul  George.

Anthony  Davis  is  the  only  superstar remaining  that  can  play  Durant’s  position. 

Other players available to play the position include Chandler Parsons and Gordon Hayward. 

The FIBA tournament will start on August 30th in Spain.


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