Guru calls for a Giant upset in Week 6 of the NFL

By Trey Crosby III

I told you guys to look alive for Week 5 and that I was up and ready for the challenge. The Guru went (11-4) this week and I’m still on the offensive. I’ll stay with the rhyming thing as it seems to be good luck. Guru has the picks and we’re on to Week 6. I’m feeling so good about this week, I think I’ll dance a little.


I’m sick and tired of Brian Hoyer. This was supposed to be the year of Johnny Football. Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr, hell even Logan Thomas has taken some meaningful snaps this season before Johnny. I still have a sneaky feeling Johnny is going to arrive on the scene in some way before this year is all said and done.


How about Carolina? And more importantly Cam Newton. Newton looks AMAZING throwing the football this season. When he has any time in the pocket at all to throw I’ll go ahead and say he damn near cannot be stopped. We talked about the Smitty revenge game because Steve was so loud last week. Greg Olsen burned his former team too, he just did it with no talk and all game.


How bout those Cowboys? Let Tony Romo tell it and you’d think they won a road game against the Texans. Not enough people are talking about that play where he spun off JJ Watt to throw a long bomb touchdown. That was some elite stuff there. The Cowboys are running the football effectively and often. We have to consider them a legit threat in the NFC.


Philly snuck by the Rams. I’m telling you, they are the worst (4-1) team in the NFL. They have some serious issues going on with that “innovative” offense. They have gotten by on a weak schedule so far, but the clock is ticking on their winning ways. I’m laughing at fantasy owners who used their top pick on  Shady McCoy. HAHAHA


I talked a little MVP last week with JJ Watt. How about we throw Philip Rivers into the conversation as well? Dude is getting it done week to week. And what’s up in New York? The Jets are falling apart. Although it seems as if they fall apart at some point every season. Geno Smith, Mike Vick, Joe Namath, it doesn’t matter who’s behind center. That offense is awful. Put a fork in em’.


I have to mention the Patriots. All you idiots that thought Tom Brady was done “YOU TRENT DILFER….YOU” EAT IT. EAT IT. EAT IT.


And once again, let’s give some credit to Russell Wilson. He gets it done with highlight plays every single week. We could quite possibly throw him in the MVP discussion as well. That play he made in Washington to put the game on ice was pure beauty. I’ve still think Russ has been a  game manager for most of his young career but he seems to really be breaking out of that mold this season. If I was Pete Carroll, I want the ball in Russ’ hands during any pressure situation.










Overall Record (39-37)

Last Week (11-4)

Upset Special (0-5)

GuruDAMNtee (5-0)



Indianapolis 28 @ Houston 24


New England 23 @ Buffalo 19


Baltimore 30 @ Tampa Bay 21


Pittsburgh 32 @ Cleveland 27


Carolina 17 @ Cincinnati 23


Denver 40 @ New York Jets 8


Detroit 27 @ Minnesota 21


Green Bay 34 @ Miami 20 *GuruDAMNtee


Jacksonville 14 @ Tennessee 28


San Diego 30 @ Oakland 17


Chicago 37 @ Atlanta 34


Dallas 23 @ Seattle 26


Washington 17 @  Arizona 28


New York Giants 28 @ Philadelphia 27 *Upset Special*


San Francisco 28 @ St. Louis 20



Give me New York for the upset over Philly. I told you Philly is at the breaking point. They’ll probably win this game against the Giants. But the point remains, I don’t think that team is built to make any type of postseason run.


I’ll go Green Bay for my GuruDAMNtee pick. Rodgers has those guys going. Expect A-Rod and Jordy to connect on at least one long distance bomb.


We’re finally going to get a close game on Thursday night. That’s my main prediction. Andrew Luck should put on a show in Texas.


Pittsburgh is really scaring me. They didn’t go out and dominate Jacksonville like they should have last week. I’ll give them another chance against Brian Hoyer and the Cleveland Browns.


I really want to pick Carolina. My only problem is that they’re on the road this week. Cincy is coming off a bad loss to New England and I think they’ll want to get that bitter taste out of their mouths. This one is really a toss up. Let’s see if Andy Dalton finds a way to screw this up.


Talking about teams I really wanted to pick. Dallas comes to mind. They are running the ball very well this year and that’s what they will have to do on the road in Seattle to secure a victory. Say what you want about Jerry Jones, but he constructed an offensive line that is giving Demarco Murray gaping holes to run through. Jason Garrett is talking about lessening the load for Murray and that’s probably a good thing in the long run, but they’ll need to feed him early to get out of there with a win. The Seahawks are not a mythical team that cannot be beaten. I don’t think they look as good as they did last year. But Seattle is still a force to be reckoned with and until people start going into their house and handing them L’s, I’ll have to continue picking them.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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