The Guru address Cleveland’s quarterback decision and makes Week 14 picks

By Trey Crosby III

Week 13 wrapped up pretty well with a 10-6 record going in for the Guru. Four weeks remain in the regular season and we should be on the brink of getting some good football as we hit the home stretch of the year. December is the month where you should really be playing your best football, that goes for me as well, I’ll have my best picks going for the end of the year and you will not catch me off guard.

We rejoiced when the schedule showed us that Thanksgiving day would be filled with meaningful games that would be sure to entertain after we finished stuffing our faces with holiday food. Of course with all this in mind each game turned into blowout after blowout. All three football games were decided by double figures. Talk about a letdown.

I have been BEGGING and I mean absolutely BEGGING for the Johnny Football Experience to begin in Cleveland and so far this guy named Hoyer has blown seeing that young talent for all parties involved. Welp, Hoyer is back to being himself. The guy is a BACKUP. His career is as a backup, he’s nothing more and nothing less. Brian Hoyer has crashed back down to reality really fast and it’s getting ugly. It got so ugly last week that the Browns elected to put in JFF and of course Johnny did what Johnny does and drove the Browns down the field for a score and was impressive while doing so might I add. In any event, this is now back to being a serious quarterback competition. The Browns have elected to stick with Hoyer as the starter, but as I’ve been preaching to you guys, his days are numbered. TICK TOCK Brian Hoyer…TICK TOCK.

A few players from the St. Louis Rams elected to come out with their hands up during their pregame introductions last week in solidarity with Mike Brown and the protest that have been going on nationwide after his death at the hands of a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

On the surface, it seems like a very innocent thing to do and no one was hurt by the gesture, so as I usually like to say “No harm, no foul”. It might have gotten some slight airtime on sports television, but outside of that, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Who was it that made this situation bigger than it had to be you ask? Why of course it was the St. Louis Police Department. These idiots came out and condemned the Rams players for expressing themselves. Here is some of the transcript from their lengthy statement.

The SLPOA is calling for the players involved to be disciplined and for the Rams and the NFL to deliver a very public apology. Roorda said he planned to speak to the NFL and the Rams to voice his organization’s displeasure tomorrow. He also plans to reach out to other police organizations in St. Louis and around the country to enlist their input on what the appropriate response from law enforcement should be. Roorda warned, “I know that there are those that will say that these players are simply exercising their First Amendment rights. Well I’ve got news for people who think that way, cops have first amendment rights too, and we plan to exercise ours. I’d remind the NFL and their players that it is not the violent thugs burning down buildings that buy their advertiser’s products. It’s cops and the good people of St. Louis and other NFL towns that do. Somebody needs to throw a flag on this play. If it’s not the NFL and the Rams, then it’ll be cops and their supporters.”

The sad part about this entire situation is they are serious about this entire thing. All I can do is shake my head. Grand Jury or no Grand Jury, Darren Wilson made an unarmed teenager sound like he was Godzilla on steroids as Brown “attacked” him completely unarmed. It’s just interesting that these “superthugs” that apparently only are life threatening when running into authority figures or vigilante watch group members. Interesting.




​​​​​Overall Record (115-76)

​​​​​Last Week (10-6)

​​​​​GuruDAMNtee (12-1)

​​​​​Upset Special (2-11)

Dallas 30 @ Chicago 18

Baltimore 34 @ Miami 31 Upset Special

Indianapolis 37 @ Cleveland 20 *GuruDAMNtee

Carolina 20 @ New Orleans 28

Pittsburgh 23 @ Cincinnati 20

Tampa Bay 10 @ Detroit 24

Houston 26 @ Jacksonville 17

New York Jets 14 @ Minnesota 20

New York Giants 24 @ Tennessee 23

St. Louis 28 @ Washington 14

Buffalo 17 @ Denver 34

Kansas City 26 @ Arizona 27

San Francisco 31 @ Oakland 6

Seattle 26 @ Philadelphia 17

New England 33 @ San Diego 26

Atlanta 20 @ Green Bay 41

I’ll take Baltimore over Miami even though the Dolphins are favored by 3 here as my upset. Baltimore is on the road and that AFC North race is huge that they are involved with. Miami is not going to the playoffs. Mark my words.

I want Indianapolis to pound Cleveland so hard that we get to see JFF enter the ballgame and replace Hoyer yet again. Hoyer will throw 3 interceptions and Johnny will score another touchdown. So let it be written, so let it be done. Indy with the GuruDAMNtee this week.

Carolina is dead. How about Amari Cooper and Kelvin Benjamin lining up on opposite sides next season for Cam? Anyway, I’ll take the Saints at home and this one could get ugly.

I like Arizona to get back on track this week and beat the Chiefs this week. So much for that Super Bowl talk. I guess we are finding out just how much Carson Palmer meant to that football team.

Crazy to think that the Cowboys could still finish 8-8 right? Don’t worry, they won’t. I’ll take them to demolish the Bears in a game that could easily get lopsided. Murray has slowed down from his fast start to the season, but I think a steady dose of him should knock out Chicago, and of course a couple of ill-timed Cutler interceptions.

Lastly, I’m taking the Seahawks over the Eagles in what looks to be the matchup of the week. The Seahawks are back to playing high quality football and while they still are not what they were last year, my guess is that they have enough to take out Philly. Sure, I was slightly impressed that the Eagles were able to dominate the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, but that game had all of the makings for a Philadelphia win. If Chip Kelly pulls this one out, I’ll really be impressed. My gut tells me he won’t find enough innovation to keep his high powered fast paced offense out of trouble at inopportune times.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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