Sports Minded: 2013 Miami Dolphins preview

James Williams addresses the key moves for the Miami Dolphins and what we can expect from the team this season in 2013.

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MLB’s Interleague play should determine home field advantage in World Series not All-Star Game

Sports Minded writer Pierce Roberson explains why Inter-league play during MLB’s regular season should determine home field advantage in the World Series instead of giving it to the winning team of the All-Star Game. Follow Pierce Roberson on Twitter: @ChicagoMadeSean

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Kaleisha West work out at Canyon Springs High School with ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley

Current WBO Female Bantamweight Boxing Champion, Kaleisha West (Moreno Valley, CA, 15-1-3, 4 KOs), performs a workout on September 20th at her alma mater, Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley, CA for her upcoming fight against Christina Ruiz (San Antonio, Texas, 6-4-2, 4 KOs).

West and Ruiz will compete in a 10-round main event bout presented by Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions, for the vacant International Female Boxing Association (IFBA) Super Bantamweight Title.

The event will take place at the Finish Line Sports Grill in Pomona, CA on October 6th.

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