Can Tiger be the next Vick?

As we have seen recently with Michael Vick returning to the NFL, it has been a slow but positive return back to the way things were as far as his career was before he got in trouble with the law.

This could also be related to another superstar in a different sport.

Tiger Woods as we all know just had his divorced finalized and we saw our first glimpse of the Superstar that he used to be two years ago before running into a tree outside his house which triggered whole sex addiction problem he has said to of had along with all the scandals and affairs.

He had his ups and downs this year with his only two real good moments, being his first tournament back from rehab which was at the Masters and also the tournament after his divorce was finalize.

We saw Michael Vick have a similar year in his first year back but can we expect Tiger to return to the top and keep his #1 ranking as the best and have a re-breakout year like Vick is having in his 2nd year since coming back.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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