Moss back to Vikings

Yes you see it right…Moss is back home, where the start of his hall of fame career began. Moss was drafted in 1998 in the 1st Round with the 21st pick by the Vikings.

Lets make sure this is made clear… he doesn’t have Daunte Culpepper as his quarterback this time, He has someone who is just as deserving as Moss is as a hall of famer, with that being Brett Farve.

When the trade was made official we know the happiest person on the Earth had to be Farve who was leading a struggling offense the last few weeks.

He has been wanting to have Moss in his offensive huddle for quite sometime, as far back as Favre’s last few years with the Packers and when Moss was looking for a new home away from the Raiders.

Some thought that after Moss ended up in New England with the Patriots that the Favre/Moss pair was never going to happen with their careers soon about to come to an end in the upcoming years, but now it finally is.

So what exactly happen as to why the Patriots let Moss go?

Well as most of you should know by now at the start of the season there was some dilemma about Moss wanting to get his contract, which ended at the end of the season, to be redone so he can stay a Patriot for the rest of his career, but the Patriots didn’t have the same plan in mind as Moss did.

The Patriots didn’t plan on giving Moss another contract at all, so they figured to get something for him instead of keeping him knowing he would leave the Patriots with nothing for them in return upon him leaving.

When a rumor broke out on Twitter that Patriots were in talks with Vikings to trade Moss, a few things started to come out about what was happening in the Patriots locker room.

Patriots won their Monday Night Football Game against the Dolphins 41-14 this past Monday.

Moss who I’m sure was considered the Patriots #1 WR , had no pass attempts come his way in the whole first half of the game.

There had been rumors today that during half time of that game there had been an altercation between Moss and the Patriots quarterback coach.

That seemed to be the final straw for the Patriots which led to the trade earlier this morning sending Moss to the Vikings for a 3rd and 7th round pick in the draft.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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