Whats next for Favre?

What is next for the future hall of famer Brett Favre?

Last night we saw the ending of his historic consecutive starts streak at 297 regular-season games and 321 consecutive starts streak if you count the playoffs.

After all the injuries he has had so far over his 19 year career in the NFL, it seemed like nothing would keep him from starting a game.

Apparently with 3 games away from 300 consecutive starts, Bills rookie Linebacker Arthur Moats was the one who layed the hit on Favre that ended it all.

Moats hit Favre as he was throwing the ball, taking him off his feet in which Favre came down crashing hard onto his right shoulder.

Favre never re-entered the game for the Vikings after that.

Everyone thought that Favre was going to find a way to play against Giants or at least take the first snap to keep the streak alive.  Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier and Favre had said threw out the week they weren’t sure if he was going to play or not.

After the Metrodome had its roof collapse and the game between the Giants and Vikings was then postponed many figured that it increased the chances Favre would play.

With Favre not even suiting up for the game on Monday many people who got free tickets to the Giants vs. Vikings game after it was relocated to Detroit, not only got to see a free NFL football game but they also got to see the end of a streak and record that will probably never be matched or broken ever again.

Favre said after the game, “I won’t play again if I can’t feel my hand.”

Favre’s status is unknown for the rest of the season as of now. The chances are good that Favre may end up on Injured Reserve, which would have him miss the rest of the season and ending his career if he keeps his word and finally retires for the last time.


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