Did LeBron James handle his “decision” better than Dwight Howard?

James Williams of Sports Minded explains why he thinks LeBron James’ “decision” to join the Miami Heat was handled better than Dwight Howard’s decision to go to the Houston Rockets.

3 responses to “Did LeBron James handle his “decision” better than Dwight Howard?

  1. Hello sir,

    excellent point. i agree with many points but not too little or too many. I am a huge basketball fan from Gujurat, India. I have watch nba from the 1980s. My point is that these day players are concerned too much about fame. I mean, i rememebered the days where people played for glory not fame. yes, there is a big different. I don’t remembered players like Olakawandi or Reeves pulling a “decision” or “indecision”, right? It’s getting ridickulos. I mean nba these days with players like Kolby Bryant, Lebron Jame, Dwight Haword, and so on are too concerend about their own life more then the game. If the comissioner or someone said, if you played for the fans. do u think they would do it? What do you think about my opinion? Would love to heard back from you! 😀

    Thank you
    Ganupati D.S.P Rajaram (MD, PhD, MSc, BSc)
    Ward #6, Tallaghar
    Gujurat, India

    • I think most players that played in the NBA didnt my really grow up thinking of playing for the fans. Like most sports at a younger age most played it became it was fun and have them something to do. As they get to the pros and even college, they are playing for something such as money or scholarship to go to school.

      Once that happens things become more about other things rather than playing for fun.

      They have fans they need to entertain, team owners they need to make happy, and families they need to support.

      It can take the ‘fun’ out of it for some players. So sometimes they have a choice to play where they want and who they want like LeBron and Howard did and they make the decision that best fits them and there situations.

      Even so whatever choice they make… Fans of one team will always be happy and another group will not be happy so the player never gets to hear the end of it some times.


      Thank you for your time and sending in your comment. We greatly appreciate it.

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