The Yankees possible plan to release Alex Rodriguez

By Eric Katz

There is a baseball player currently who does not know how to stay out of the news. That player happens to play third base for my beloved New York Yankees.

He is also currently hurt and his name is Alex Rodriguez. Not only are Yankee fans sick of hearing his drama but also fans everywhere are too. He is damaging the reputation of the Yankees and all of baseball.

The most recent drama he has had is the current Miami Biogenesis Clinic investigation.

It is never good when your name appears on a steroid purchase list especially when you play a sport. The question that comes to mind is why are the Yankees are waiting so long to release him?

Also why haven’t they release him when they have had the chance too? Well the answers are very simple.

The Steinbrenner brothers are letting Major League Baseball do the dirty work. They are letting them investigate the Biogenesis Clinic and whether A-Rod did steroids or not. Once the investigation is concluded the Steinbrenner’s will probably release A-Rod under the morals clause. This clause states that if you do anything detrimental to baseball then your contract will be voided. This will also mean that the Yankees will not owe any of the remaining money left on his contract.

It is becoming obvious that A-Rod took steroids. His stats have been declining since 2010 and his last decent year was in 2009. He will be 38 years old this month and should quit before MLB and the Yankees make him quit.

Sooner or later Alex the annoyance will be gone and we won’t have to listen to his drama anymore. It is just a matter of when.


2 responses to “The Yankees possible plan to release Alex Rodriguez

  1. Well the New England Patriots obviously have a backbone because they got rid of the problem before everything completely came out in the open. I think the New York Yankees and the Steinbrenners need to take a lesson learned from Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots on how to release an athlete before they make a fool out of themselves and the sports team they are affiliated with.

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