The Guru is back with his week 2 picks!

By Trey Crosby III

So what. I had a bad week picking games. SHOOT ME. I take full responsibility for my slow start out of the gate. I claim and still stand by my picks from last week that didn’t turn out all that great. What i won’t do is act like they never happened à la Lane Kiffin style “NO THEY DIDN’T HAVE A PLAYERS ONLY MEETING”.  Was I supposed to know that RGIII wasn’t really 100%? Was I supposed to know that the Steelers…ARE NOT THE STEELERS? Was I supposed to know that Lavonte David would make a play out of bounds to cost Tampa the game? Was I supposed to know that DeAngelo Williams would fumble away all hope for the Panthers against the Seahawks..At the 5 yard line? NO. Thats what week 1 is for however, and I have learned my lesson. Anyway that’s behind us, and what’s ahead, is the upcoming slate of games for Week 2 of the NFL Season. Before I get to my picks, I will be making a change to my format. What was in Week 1 known as the “GuranDAMNtee” selection will now be known as the “GuruDAMNtee”. (A Lot more catchy ehh?) Don’t know how I didn’t catch that till this week, seems like a no brainer. Here are my Week 2 picks folks. Enjoy.

2013-2014 Season Picks Record

 Upset Special (0-1)

GuruDAMNtee (0-1)

Overall (6-10)


*Jets 13 @ Patriots 29 *  “GuruDAMNtee” Guru Pick of the Week

Panthers 17 @ Bills 16

Ravens 31 @ Browns 10

Vikings 23 @ Bears 30

Cowboys 17 @ Chiefs 14

Redskins 17 @ Packers 36

Titans 17 @ Texans 31

Dolphins 21 @ Colts 24

Chargers 27 @ Eagles 33

Rams 28 @ Falcons 30

Lions 20 @ Cardinals 19

Saints 40 @ Bucs 30

Broncos 34 @ Giants 28

Jaguars 7 @ Raiders 28

49ers 24 @ Seahawks 14

Steelers 6 @ Bengals 19

Sorry Folks. No upset special this week. Oh and a special shoutout to to Jimmie Johnson who sent his picks for the week in and beat me. Send your picks in a comment if you dare folks. And as always remember…COURAGE


2 responses to “The Guru is back with his week 2 picks!

  1. Overall 11-5
    Guarantee 1-0
    Upset Special 1-0

    Week 2 Predictions
    Jets 14 Patriots 30
    Chargers 28 Eagles 38
    Vikings 21 Bears 20
    Rams 17 Falcons 28
    Panthers 20 Bills 13
    Redskins 24 Packers 35
    Dolphins 14 Colts 24
    Cowboys 21 Chiefs 28 Upset Special
    Browns 14 Ravens 17
    Titans 20 Texans 28 Guarantee
    Lions 30 Cardinals 17
    Saints 28 Buccaneers 13
    Jaguars 14 Raiders 21
    Broncos 38 Giants 31
    49ers 21 Seahawks 17
    Steelers 14 Bengals 24

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