Daniel Bryan will give 100% against Orton

By  ShaiVaughn Crawley

WWE Night of Champions will be a night of gold. And as you know, Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton for Randy’s WWE Championship. Randy Orton won the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank 2013, (with help from C.O.O. Triple H I might add), thus winning it seven  times. Blah, blah. Now let’s get to the interesting stuff.

First off, let me just admit that having Triple H betray Randy because he won the World Title back in Evolution days, THEN riding Randy’s coattails when he wins the WWE Title, is the biggest form of hypocrisy I’ve ever seen.

Despite my disagreements with the way Daniel Bryan has been beaten up in the weeks leading up to Night of Champions, it sadly makes sense. Daniel Bryan will NOT win Sunday night. Case closed. Randy JUST won the Championship for one, AND having Daniel Bryan will would completely destroy the ‘corporate’ storyline that’s pretty much swallowing up Raw.

That would leave Raw having no storyline, which is ‘not good for business’.
I feel as though this whole thing could’ve been avoided by not having Randy cash in so soon. It made it obvious. Every Raw ending, it was Randy boasting around, flashing the briefcase. C’mon, really? Randy Orton had NOTHING going for him, absolutely NOTHING going into Money in the Bank, and was awarded the briefcase. Disgusting I might add.

But lets look at the bright side of things. Randy Orton has gotten  a bit better promo wise, and competition wise. His last two matches have been amazing. His match with Cody Rhodes, as well as Dustin Rhodes or Goldust, we’re top-notch extraordinary.

His mic skills have been tuned up, and the RKO’s have been nastier. Good qualities of a Champion that we ALL needed, since he never deserved it in the first place.

Now, my man Daniel Bryan HAS IT. EXCELLENT promo this past SmackDown, and his new finisher is INSANITY. Why make you’re opponent tap EVERY match, when you can just knock their teeth out?! I see the WWE Championship in his future.

Don’t get discouraged now, Bryan. There’s Hell in a Cell looking you dead in the face. Will he become WWE Champion by the time the year is over? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!


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