Who was left off the WWE2k14 roster?

WWE has posted the complete roster for all of the superstars that will be available to the WWE fans on WWE 2k14. Now, I will tell you this: The roster is impressive. They have added more people to this years addition of 2k more than any other year. I honestly thought that with the WWE working with 2k and stepping away from THQ, that the game would turn out a bit choppy and artificial.
To be honest with you, I haven’t bought a 2k game yet. However, just like any other video game out on the market, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Not one game can be completely 100% perfect (at least that’s not what I’ve experienced). According to WWE.com, there are currently 83 superstars along with legends on the game.
There is a few things wrong with this game right off of the bat. The first thing is simply, Legends being put in this game, without an induction ring. Why place someone in a video game as a legend, when they have not been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. I think its an insult. “Lets put these legends in this game for kids to play, but we wont reward them for all of their hard work in the WWE.” Currently, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, and Sargent Slaughter are in the WWE2k14 game, while NOT being inducted into the Hall of Fame. In my opinion, it sounds pretty sad.
Another issue I have, is the amount of Divas in the game. This really ticks me off, because the WWE has few divas to begin with. So, why not put them all in the game? So far, we see that AJ Lee, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Layla are the only divas that are in the game. If I am incorrect, then correct me.
But according to WWE.com, this is all I see. What an embarrassment to the WWE Divas! Where’s the Bella Twins? Alicia Fox? The Funkadactyls? Where is everybody? Why is it, that we only have 4 divas in the game? Completely embarrassing.
Oh, and don’t even get me started on the lack of tag teams this year. I mean really! Where’s The Usos? How can you POSSIBLY put The Shield in a game, without The Usos? How could you possibly put The 3MB on the game, but not The Usos?
This is an outright shame. I think instead of having all these legends on here, why don’t you just squeeze The Usos in? I haven’t had my hands on this game yet, but from a first sight perspective, this game is really going to have to have a killer storyline in order for it to make up for the lack of superstars and effort into these games.
Superstars left un-added:
Curtis Axel
Big E. Langston
The Usos
Rob Van Dam
Trish Stratus
Let me know how you guys feel about his roster. I know you can’t tell me about the game obviously, but tell me how you feel about the way this roster is set up. Who would you like to see added to the game? Are you OK with this roster? Tweet me!

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