The Guru addresses two QB controversies as the NFL enters Week 15

By Trey Crosby III

The Guru went 9-7 this week. Just over .500 isn’t good enough. I feel a huge week for me here as we get late into the season. Before we hit the picks, there are a few things I would like to share with you. Shake ‘em up Jake, my hands ache.
First. KARMA KARMA KARMA. Mike Tomlin. HA HA HA!!! Last week was exactly what he deserved. Even though I picked Pittsburgh to win, I must say it felt really good to see Mike Tomlin not catch a break at the end of that game. After an improbable series of laterals as the Steelers found themselves down one score with one play left, WR Antonio Brown took his backwards pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger all the way to the end zone.Unfortunately, for Steelers fans everywhere, he stepped about an inch or two out of bounds before crossing the goal line. So, the Steelers sideline woes continue. This time it might have taken them out of the playoffs. Remember Mike Tomlin, BALL DON’T LIE.

Onto the windy city of Chicago. Do we have a QB controversy? We know by now that anybody can lose their job in the NFL do to injury. But, has a guy like Jay Cutler earned the right to remain the starter for the Bears even though Josh McCown has lit up the field in his absence.

I can certainly see why the case should be made for McCown to be left in as the starter because he has the hot hand. However, long term Jay Cutler is just a better QB than Josh McCown. Point blank period. Jay Cutler is 4 years younger and McCown will never be a viable everyday starter in the NFL.

Do you really want to risk losing Cutler entirely for the likes of one playoff run from Josh McCown. If anything, maybe the leash is a little shorter in Cutler’s return, but I just can’t see the Bears not going back with Cutler. He’s a gunslinger with a huge arm. If he’s healthy, let him play.

Speaking of Chicago, did you see the Allas “No D” Cowboys Monday night? That performance was pathetic. But, is anybody surprised? I mean, it is December and we all know what happens to Dallas in December.

So we all saw this coming right?? Right??

Finally, the biggest story of the football week. The absolute mess in Washington. RG 3-10, actually I’m just going to call him Robert Griffin the THIRD…String Quarterback.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan and the Redskins have now decided to make Griffin inactive for the teams final three contest. Citing that RGIII needs to be shut-down because of all the hits he has taken already and would presumably take before the season ends. So what does all of this mean? What if Kirk Cousins has three monster games to end the year? My best guess is that this is the perfect way to shop Kirk Cousins because RGIII is the face of the franchise in DC right now and it’s just hard to imagine him being in a legitimate starting QB battle in the offseason.

This might also be Shanahan sticking it to owner Dan Snyder and begging to be fired. I agree with the first statement there. Yes, Shanny is puffing his chest out and Dan Snyder and essentially being the Head Coach and making personnel decisions. I don’t think MIke ever wanted RGIII from the beginning.

If Kirk Cousins plays well, Shanny can always say “See, that’s the guy I wanted from the start”.
Also, If I am Dan Snyder, there is no way on earth I fire Mike Shanahan after this season. Why pay Shanny $7 million to walk away from this trainwreck.

No sir, Shanahan should be made to stay and at least attempt to pick up the pieces or fall completely on his face attempting to do so. This is his mess Dan, don’t let him walk away, make him clean it up. As for RG-Inconsistency, this has to be a slice of humble pie for him.

Griffin has to stop worrying about his brand so much and take a page out of the Cam Newton playbook. Get yourself together and mature as a person and player. Train hard this offseason and come back a better player. The sophomore slump hit Griffin hard this year, hopefully he can get back on his feet.

Let’s make picks shall we?
2013-2014 Season picks record
Upset Special (4-10)
GuruDAMNtee (9-5)
Last Week (9-7)
Overall (117-90-1)
Chargers 26 @ Broncos 34
*Redskins 28 @ Falcons 23* Upset Special
49ers 30 @ Bucs 19
Seahawks 35 @ Giants 14
Eagles 32 @ Vikings 24
Patriots 23 @ Dolphins 21
Bills 30 @ Jaguars 31
Texans 26 @ Colts 30
Bears 38 @ Browns 29
Chiefs 37 @ Raiders 13
*Jets 10 @ Panthers 34* GuruDAMNtee
Packers 20 @ Cowboys 35
Cardinals 28 @ Titans 26
Saints 33 @ Rams 27
Bengals 24 @ Steelers 28
Ravens 22 @ Lions 21

Panthers get my “GuruDAMNtee” this week. After getting spanked on National TV Sunday night, expect the Cats to come out with a vengeance especially on defense. Carolina can also clinch the playoffs with a win and some help, so that’s added motivation as well.

I like the Skins as my upset special pick. Vegas has them as 7 point underdogs, but with Kirk Cousins as the new starter in Washington I expect to see those guys rejuvenated and ready to salvage what they have left of a season. Not much to play for on either side here so, mehhh.

The Eagles are clearly the class of the NFC East. They will win that division and are now looking for playoff momentum. Nick Foles will carry them to another victory.

Give me the Bears over the Browns this week. Doesn’t matter who’s behind center for Chicago, this is an easy win.

Like I said earlier, I think the Eagles will win the NFC East, but Dallas won’t hand it over without a fight. Look for Romo to get back on target as they beat up on Green Bay Sunday.

The Packers chances of winning this Sunday are the exact same as the chances Aaron Rodgers suits up. Slim to none.

I like Pittsburgh to gut out a victory at home against Cincinnati. Although, they aren’t playing for much as their playoff hopes are virtually over.

You have to give Mike Tomlin some credit for getting his players to continue to play hard no matter the situation. Cincy is favored by 3, but don’t be surprised if Pitt pulls the mini upset.

Finally, I’ll go with the Ravens in a good Monday Night game. At the end of the day, I just don’t trust Detroit. Besides, I really want to see if Joe Flacco can live up to the $100 million Baltimore payed him in the offseason. It’s time for Joe to show up in the clutch.

Feel free to give your opinion on any of the topics for today. Was I too hard on Mike Tomlin? Will Mike Shanahan keep his job out in the Nations Capital. Or if you would like to challenge the Guru, you can send in your weekly picks as well.

Enjoy some good football this weekend. Oh and to Mack Brown. Whether you’re in Texas right now, or out in Florida “recruiting”… COURAGE




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