Guru talks Mike Tomlin and the Chiefs getting a Week 14 win

Well 8-8 last week for the Guru. Yes, I think I’m in a slump similar to that of Geno Smith. I shall fight it before I get replaced.

Speaking of Geno Smith, boy oh boy does he have issues out in New York. Such a hard place to play, all of the pressure in that big city with the lights on him. Rex Ryan has to let Geno Smith grow and mature. Let’s not forget he is a ROOKIE. A ROOKIE folks. No need to bench him, let him learn because after all, HE’S A ROOKIE.

Backup Quarterbacks  is my next topic of discussion for this week. Look at what’s happening in Green Bay with no A Rod. Now, bandwagon Packer fans (MY FATHER) are upset at the team for not having a contingency plan for Rodgers going down. But here’s the deal. There just aren’t 32 starting NFL caliber QBs to go around. Example 1: Cleveland Browns.-They have a team of QBs that shouldn’t be allowed to touch a football. My point is, relax Packers fans. You lost out this year. Regroup next year with your $100 million passer and be ready to ball out next season. The facts are the facts, if their aren’t enough starting QBs for 32 different teams, what makes you think you will get two on one team?

On to the man of the hour. Mike Tomlin. Was that not ridiculous? Today the NFL handed out the punishment for his shenanigans which included a $100,000 fine and a possible loss of a draft pick. Personally, I was offended that Tomlin would jeopardize the integrity of the game by (if no one else will say it I will) CHEATING. Stepping on the field of play to keep Jacoby Jones from scoring was a deliberate act of cheating. I don’t know how else you can put it. For a member of the NFL’s competition committee to engage in such an egregious action was SHAMEFUL to say the least.

I’m disgusted now, so let I’ll make picks for you guys.





2013-2014 Season picks record

Upset Special (4-9)

GuruDAMNtee (8-5)

Last Week (8-8)

Overall (108-83-1)

Texans 14 @ Jaguars 23

Bills 16 @ Bucs 21

Vikings 24 @ Ravens 30

Browns 17 @ Patriots 34

Colts 24 @ Bengals 23

Lions 19 @ Eagles 28

Falcons 26 @ Packers 27

*Chiefs 31 @ Redskins 13* GuruDAMNtee

Dolphins 17 @ Steelers 24

Raiders 21 @ Jets 10

Titans 20 @ Broncos 37

Giants 27 @ Chargers 23

Seahawks 24 @ 49ers 23

Rams 27 @ Cardinals 31

*Panthers 28 @ Saints 27* Upset Special

Cowboys 32 @ Bears 24

I’ll take the Jaguars on Thursday night. They are playing with confidence and well the Texans errr are not. Pick the Jags folks.

Give me Carolina for an upset special. New Orleans got embarrassed against Seattle last week. The blueprint is out and the gig is up. Look for Carolina to follow the Hawks game plan to a T as they attempt to beat up the Saints. SideNote: After playing the Seahawks most teams lose the next week

Give me the Chiefs for the“GuruDAMNtee” pick this year. The formerly red hot (9-0) Chiefs are now the ice cold (9-3) Chiefs. Christmas will come early for Andy Reid as he gets to feast upon the Deadskins (Redskins) this week.

The Bengals are favored this week at home against Indy but I have a sneaky suspicion that Andrew Luck will show up and show out. The Colts need a win and they will get one tonight.

Will Aaron Rodgers play? That’s the question on everybody’s mind this week. Ultimately that will be the determining factor in this matchup. I think he will play this week. This game means so much to Green Bay and A Rod knows the weight of the Packers season is on his shoulders and his alone. He plays and they win, hell they might win even if he doesn’t play.

Finally, give me Seattle over San Francisco this week. I hear the hoopla about all this being a statement game for the Niners, but Kap just hasn’t shown me any growth. Look what Seattle did to NO last week. Nothing makes me believe that San Francisco can get the job done. As far as I’m concerned, the NFC is controlled by Seattle and that won’t change this week.

Feel free to make your picks or comment about anything I have said here. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Mike Tomlin situation. If you’re like me and ready for the playoffs to begin. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon people…COURAGE


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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