Seahawks and Broncos have something to prove in Super Bowl

By James H. Williams

The Seattle Seahawks will bring the top ranked defense to New York to compete against elite quarterback Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2.

So lets break down what we may see in this match up with some rapid reaction.

Clearly the top story will be Manning, who is in search of his second Super Bowl ring and leading the Broncos to its first Super Bowl in 15 years.

There was no better way for Manning to do it than defeating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, 26-16, in Denver for the AFC Championship.

Here is a fun fact for you. Manning has been a big topic of discussion because of his “Omaha” play calls.

Manning could have trolled NFL fans or pledged his allegiance to Omaha, Nebraska if he Had gotten just two more passing yards.

Manning finished the game with 400 yards passing but if he made it to 402, he would of put Omaha’s area code (402) on the stat sheet.

Now there is no time to look at statistics with the Seahawks’ secondary lining up on the other side of the field. The legion of boom will not be out to make friends with any opposing team’s offensive players. Just ask Richard Sherman, he will be more than happy to tell you all about it…and 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree for that matter.

Staying with the Broncos’ offense for another minute, fans can only suspect that getting the running game going could only be to their benefit.

Knowshon Moreno’s 59-yard performance on 14 carries will not cut it against Seattle. He will need to show up big if he wants and to test free agency in the offseason for more money.

Speaking of running games, how about Marshawn Lynch’s performance in the Seahawks win over NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers, 23-17.

Lynch rushed for 109 yards with one touchdown.

If Lynch doesn’t have similar numbers in the Super Bowl, it may be a long day for the Seahawks offense to go point for point with the Broncos’ top ranked offense.

The spotlight has never been as bright as it has been for second year quarterback Russell Wilson, who will be under center for the Seahawks and lead the franchise to its first Super Bowl title.

We all know Wilson is nearly impossible to beat at home in Seattle, where he is 17-1 during his career with the 12th man by his side but how will he do on a mutual field in New York?

Only time will tell…. But follow me on Twitter (@JHWreporter) because I am sure I will be sharing more of my thoughts as the Super Bowl draws closer.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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