Guru express his thoughts going into conference title games, picks Superbowl matchup

By Trey Crosby III

Anybody having fun yet? I know I am. But, it’s all coming to an end as there are only three more games left in the NFL season. That’s a bummer, but the Guru went (3-1) last weekend and that is cause to celebrate. Shall we review?

The Seahawks gave it to the Saints in a game that ended up being closer than it actually should have been. New Orleans just isn’t New Orleans on the road and they paid dearly for it with the loss. It was rainy and chippy outside and with the 12th man behind them, Seattle gutted out a victory. Percy Harvin was absolutely destroyed all game long and ended up leaving with a concussion.

Still, I wasn’t very impressed with Russell Wilson or the Seahawks offense in general. Outside of Marshawn Lynch, they don’t have much going for them. I was not in as much uproar about Marques Colston’s forward lateral as many of you people were. Most players don’t do inherently stupid things to cost their team a chance to win on their own, so it was pretty clear that was a planned play executed very poorly from its onset.

Sean Payton figured there would be no more time for another play, when in fact there would have been. And for those blaming Marques Colston for the horrible throw, well there’s a reason he plays wide receiver and Drew Brees plays quarterback.


New England dismantled Indianapolis last Saturday night. Simply put, lightning would not strike twice for Mr. Luck. You just can’t throw careless interceptions from week to week and expect to survive in the playoffs. I believe I said that if Indy got down, Tom Brady would step on their throats and keep them there. I misspoke. LeGarrete Blount punched the Colts dead in the face. It looked something like this….”You guys knew I was gonna find a way to put this in here right? Right?”


Night Night Jim Irsay


In the early game Sunday, the Carolina Panthers battled some questionable refereeing early as they lost 23-10 to San Francisco. The refs however, had nothing to do with Carolina not being able to score on seven plays from the 1 yard line in the first half. San Francisco dominated the 2nd half of the game as the Panthers offense was stuck in neutral.  

The Denver Broncos would not disappoint as they made sure we would get to see the Brady/Manning matchup everybody is looking forward to watching. The Chargers made it interesting, but who really thought San Diego was getting out of Denver with that win?

In other news

The judge presiding over the proposed $765 million settlement between the N.F.L. and more than 4,500 retired players who sued the league and accused it of hiding the dangers of concussions has raised significant questions about whether there will be enough money for all of the payouts, medical tests and treatment.

In a ruling issued Tuesday, Judge Anita B. Brody of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania rejected the proposed settlement because the league and the plaintiffs’ lawyers had not produced enough evidence to convince her that $765 million would cover the potential costs for 18,000 retirees over the 65-year life of the agreement. –New York Times

This is very concerning to me. I understand the judge in this case wants to make sure that the $765 million figure will be sufficient enough for all of the players who are attempting to cash in on this money.

However, she needs to think about the players who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the countless other medical problems these retired athletes are facing.

By rejecting the settlement, which was agreed to by the players and the league, she is putting money that has been allocated for the players suffering from these diseases currently in jeopardy.

These players need the money NOW and by rejecting the settlement she might be doing a great disservice to them. Most of these players would gladly put on all the pads and suit up again even if they were told of the risks involved in doing so.

Hopefully, the players get their money in a timely fashion before its too late. Also, the next generation knows what’s at stake here, they know the long term health effects that football may end up having on their bodies at the end of their respective careers. They choose to play anyway, and are paid very well to throw around a pigskin for a living. Here’s to hoping no band of “new generation” players attempt to sue the league after the fact anymore.


Pick time!





2013-2014 Season picks record

Upset Special (5-14)

GuruDAMNtee (13-6)

Last Week (3-1)

Overall (149-114-1)

Patriots 31 @ Broncos 28 *GuruDAMNtee*

49ers 17 @ Seahawks 24


At this point in the postseason, I think we can throw out having an upset special. These four teams have proven they belong here and all four are capable of going the distance.


With that said, I’m taking New England on the road this weekend. Brady vs Manning is what we wanted and ultimately it’s what we ended up with. Brady just flat out owns Manning.

He is 2-1 versus him in the playoffs and 10-4 against him in regular season competition. Not to mention, Peyton gets a little interception happy around this time of the year. But, that isn’t why the Patriots (or the Broncos for that matter) will win.

The ground game has gotten both of these teams to where they are currently. Deion Sanders says it best “Nobody wants to hit that Blount”, and he is correct. Nobody wants to hit LeGarrete Blount. He is 250 pounds and fast enough to return kicks for New England. Seriously, its not fair. I think he will be the difference Sunday, and with some late game heroics from Brady, the Patriots will make yet another Super Bowl appearance.


We go from from old school quarterbacks, to new school quarterbacks in the NFC title game. Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick will square off against each other in the late game on Sunday. Interestingly enough, I have not been impressed by either Wilson or Kaepernick as of late.

Especially Colin Kaepernick, he just has far too many weapons to be as inefficient as he has been. The young quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Cam Newton don’t really have the talent around them at the wide receiver position, but Kaepernick does, and for some reason he has not put up the numbers he should be able to with that offense. Russell Wilson is backed by a great defense led by Richard Sherman.

The key for Wilson will be to do just enough. Thats it, whatever “enough” is, that’s what Wilson has to do to punch his ticket into the Super Bowl.  Honestly, San Francisco has the best team in the NFL right now on paper, but these games are played on the field. It makes things particularly difficult if the field in which you are playing on has a crowd that can cause mini-earthquakes…literally. If they play this game anywhere else in the world, I would go with San Fran, but the 12th man and BEAST MODE will find a way to pull this one out.


To Jim Harbaugh and his Khaki pants….COURAGE


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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