Richard’s Rant

By Eric Katz

Last night’s NFC Championship game was very exciting.

The Seahawks rallied by scoring ten points in the fourth quarter to head to the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history.

It did take a couple of forced turnover by their amazing defense to put them in position to win but despite winning 23-17 against the wild card 49ers that weren’t what got fans everywhere talking.

It was what happened after the game after cornerback Richard Sherman got the final interception to send them to New Jersey.

After the game ended Fox Sports most renowned reporter Erin Andrews went over to interview Sherman like most reporters would.

Just then Sherman went completely ballistic on a simple question that Andrews.

The question Sherman was asked was what had happened on the final play of the game.

Typically most people give a straight forward answer on what they saw the quarterback do.

Sherman instead he called 49ers Wide Receiver Michal Crabtree out and insulted him.

Understandably the 49ers and Seahawks rivalry is a fierce one but I think Richard made some problems for the Seahawks.

Not only did he call out Crabtree but pretty much every receiver out there.

Also, he painted a red target on himself to be the one that you want to beat in two weeks.

Knowing Peyton Manning and how great they have been throwing the ball every receiver now wants to burn Richard Sherman.

When the Broncos come to Metlife Stadium look for Manning to test Sherman and see if he can live up to his ego.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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