Let ‘March Madness’ begin

By Eric Katz

It’s that time of year again college basketball fans it’s time to break out the brackets and guess who will win the NCAA National Championship.

The 2014 tournament is different than most years because it is wide open. This year is not going to be as obvious as in year past.

Some are calling it the most wide open bracket in college basketball history. In years past it was obvious in 2012 that Kentucky was going to win it all considering the amount of talent they had on that team.

Last year Louisville seemed destined to go all the way including when they lost Kevin Ware in the tournament. In my opinion the tournament is wide open and anybody can win it including the lower seeds.

Although Florida has had an amazing year and has gone undefeated at home they still can be upset.

In the SEC tournament we saw a young Kentucky team give Florida a run and Florida only beat the Wildcats by one point. These young teams could make an impact early and go very far in the tournament.

This year there are fewer power house teams which gives the lower seeded teams a chance to win more games. The 2014 season in college basketball can be summed up as “the year of the freshman.”

Players such as Jabari Parker of Duke and Andrew Wiggins of Kansas have made huge impacts on the court. In the ACC Tournament we saw an unranked North Carolina State team upset Syracuse.

The scenario could repeat itself in this year March Madness tournament.

In the ACC tournament the University of Virginia beat an experienced Duke team to win the conference tournament.

There is a reason to call this year as a true March Madness year.

It also can be called the year of the unexpected. The favorite in the tournament could be upset as early as the first round.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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