The Guru calls for Washington over Philadelphia in Week 3 picks

By Trey Crosby III

*Tiptoes in quietly* Hopefully nobody will notice that I went a measly (5-11) picking games last week.

A lot of weird things going on so far. A few surprises here and there and technically I’m starting the season off (0-2). So what. We have a long way to go, The GURU is down, but certainly not out.

I just wrote about three paragraphs on the Adrian Peterson developments, but I can’t bring myself to include it in this week’s synopsis. I’m sick of the non-football stories and at some point it becomes overkill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of debating a good scandal but I’m pooped from them at this point. It’s just too much and the headlines are now being dominated by stories that have no impact on the play in-between the lines. So for the first time this year we’ll talk football.

TIMEOUT. Rex Ryan and his coaching staff really let one slip away out in Green Bay. That’s a tough way to lose a ball game. You have to love the effort out of the Packers, but the football Gods were not going to let them start off with consecutive losses.

The Seahawks are beatable. Folks, we knew this right? Russell Wilson is only something like (9-8) as a starter on the road for his career. And, no Richard Sherman was not exposed. Catching three underneath passes isn’t exposing anybody. However, you have to like that Philip Rivers at least threw the ball on “Sherm’s” side of the field.

The Cowboys ran the ball well and got a win. Well what do you know?

I knew New Orleans was bad on the road, but this bad? Drew Brees was overthrowing passes to Jimmy Graham, which is actually scientifically impossible but Brees figured out a way to defy the odds. Brian Hoyer led a very nice game winning drive. His days are still numbered, but that’s a very nice win to tell your children about as they watch “JFF” tear up the league ten years from now.

That’s it. I’m 18 seconds away from labeling Robert Griffin a bust. He’s not reliable and even when he was playing he stuck up the entire District of Columbia last season. Kirk Cousins saved the day and he might just earn himself a permanent seat at the table in Washington.

I have got to be one of the only people left that still despises Chip Kelly as an NFL head coach. As the Eagles completed another dismal half of football on Monday night I sat back in my bed and chuckled just a little bit. By the end of the game I was perplexed. So many things went wrong for Indianapolis to lose that game. Pep Hamilton with questionable play calling down the stretch. Andrew Luck with questionable decisions down the stretch. To top it all off, the refs came in at just the right time to finish the job with two of the worst calls so far this season to decide a ball game. In any event, Philly is now (2-0) and they really haven’t shown me they deserve to be named a contender as of yet.




​​​​​Overall Record (13-19)
​​​​​Last Week (8-8)​
​​​​​Upset Special (0-2)
​​​​​GuruDAMNtee (2-0)

Tampa Bay 19 @ Atlanta 26

San Diego 27 @ Buffalo 23

Baltimore 20 @ Cleveland 18

Tennessee 17 @ Cincinnati 24

Dallas 28 @ St. Louis 27

Green Bay 30 @ Detroit 31

Houston 24 @ New York Giants 21

Indianapolis 35 @ Jacksonville 14

Minnesota 16 @ New Orleans 38 *GuruDAMNtee*

Oakland 19 @ New England 28

Washington 30 @ Philadelphia 28 *UPSET SPECIAL*

San Francisco 28 @ Arizona 20

Denver 27 @ Seattle 23

Kansas City 24 @ Miami 27

Pittsburgh 16 @ Carolina 21

Chicago 30 @ New York Jets 24

Give me the “Big Easy” for my GuruDAMNtee this week. They’re at home and they have looked bad through two weeks. New Orleans might run up the score for this one.

I don’t believe in Chip Kelly or Nick Foles. Kirk Cousins is a good fit for the Redskins and don’t forget that D-Jax has a lot to prove as well. I think this one will be a thriller with Washington getting it done as my upset special.

I’ll take Atlanta at home against Tampa. They took a tough loss last week, but they aren’t in nearly as much trouble as Lovie Smith is over there dealing with his team that dresses up like an alarm clock every Sunday. The Bucs managed to lose to a third-string quarterback at home. That makes two home losses. HIT THE PANIC BUTTON!! NOW!

Everybody is high on Buffalo. I have to admit that I’m impressed with what they’re doing up there as well. But, my man Philip Rivers is fresh off beating the defending World Champs. I’ll take San Diego.

Finally, I’ll add a little more turbulence into the Seahawks flight plan. The blueprint has been laid out for Denver. And you better believe they don’t plan on getting blown out by Seattle like they did last February. This time Peyton Manning might really give Richard Sherman something to run from.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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