Guru list his top 100 NFL players

By Trey Crosby III

Boy oh boy!! I believe it’s almost that time of the year. The NFL Draft is over and here at SPORTSMINDED, we know you guys are already itching for some actual football. Slow down, relax, you still have a ways to go. In fact “depending on when you read this” you are over 100 days away at least from seeing a “Tony Romo”, “Eli Manning”, or one of the best plays in all of football a “Matt Schaub”. I hope you guys got that joke. It’s funny. Anyway, in honor of us being over 100 days away from seeing the Seahawks host the Packers on opening day, here is a list compiled by yours truly of the TOP 100 players in the NFL for the 2014-2015 NFL season. I “GURU” STANDBY said list as being THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH so help me GOD. I’m currently holding a bible as well, so it’s SERIOUS. Any questions, comments, concerns, or disagreements you might have with this list can be shared with me on any social media platform or in the comment section below. Debate me if you want to, but I’m always right. I “GuruDAMNtee” it.


1.Aaron Rodgers

2.Calvin Johnson

3.Tom Brady

4.Peyton Manning

5.Earl Thomas

6.Lesean Mccoy

7.JJ Watt

8.Drew Brees

9. Dez Bryant

10. Patrick Peterson

11. Robert Mathis

12.Luke Kuechly

13. Joe Haden

14. Richard Sherman

15. Demaryius Thomas

16. Eric Berry

17. Lavonte David

18. Julio Jones

19. Jimmy Graham

20. Jarius Byrd

21. Jammall Charles

22.Dontari Poe

23. Patrick Willis

24. Geno Atkins

25. Roddy White

26. Tamba Hali

27. Joe Thomas

28. Aqib Talib

29. Ndamukong Suh

30. Marshawn Lynch

31. Frank Gore

32.Vernon Davis

33.Percy Harvin

34.Andre Johnson

35. Rob Gronkowski

36. Cam Newton

37. Desean Jackson

38. Gerald Mccoy

39. TY Hilton

40.Demarcus Ware                                    

41.Patrick Willis                                       

42. Louis Vasquez

43.Doug Martin

44. Matt Kalil                                     

45. Eli Manning

46. Brandon Marshall

47. Micheal Bennet

48.AJ Green                                            

49. Kam Chancellor

50. Duane Brown

51. T.Y. Hilton

52. Navarro Bowman                                 

53.  Charles Tillman

54.Jordan Gross

55.Sheldon Richardson

56.Alex Mack

57. Andrew Luck

58. Arian Foster

59. Vince Wilfork

60. Marcell Dareus

61. Brandon Albert

62.Julius Thomas

63. Jordan Cameron

64. Aldon Smith

65.Larry Fitzgerald

66. Greg Hardy

67. Vontaze Burfict

68.Jason Witten

69. Tim Jennings

70. Robert Quinn

71.Trent Williams

72. Tyrann Mathieu

73. Eugene Monroe

74.Adrian Peterson

75. Cameron Wake

76. Star Loutulelei

77. Alshon Jeffery

78. Antonio Brown

79. Haloti Ngata

80. Victor Cruz

81. Darrelle Revis

82. Wes Welker

83. Ben Roethlisberger

84. Von Miller

85. Jay Cutler

86. TJ Ward

87.Anquan Boldin

88. Ryan Kalil

89. Bobby Wagner

90.Eddie Lacy

91. Jared Allen

92. Philip Rivers

93.Dwight Freeny

94. Russell Wilson

95. Marshal Yanda

96.Thomas Davis

97. Tony Romo

98.Eric Weddle

99. Colin Kaepernick

100.Nick Foles


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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