The Guru buckles down for his Week 9 NFL predictions

By Trey Crosby III

A dismal week eight saw the Guru go 8-7 and that’s just not acceptable. This week we’re going to jump straight into the picks. No recap or anything. I’m all business with no time for the small talk. Enjoy your week nine picks straight from The Guru himself. 

​​​​​Overall Record (67-53)


​​​​​Last Week (8-7)


​​​​​GuruDAMNtee (7-1)


​​​​​Upset Special (0-8)



New Orleans 31 @ Carolina 24


Tampa Bay 17 @ Cleveland 19


Jacksonville 17 @ Cincinnati 34


Arizona 27 @ Dallas 33


Philadelphia 28 @ Houston 24


New York Jets 14 @ Kansas City 28 *GuruDAMNtee*


San Diego 34 @ Miami 24


Washington 20 @ Minnesota 24


St. Louis 20 @ San Francisco 27


Denver 28 @ New England 30 *Upset Special*


Oakland 16 @ Seattle 24


Baltimore 37 @ Pittsburgh 34


Indianapolis 28 @ New York Giants 23

Give me New England for my upset pick of the week. This isn’t really an upset but Vegas has Denver as 3 to 4 point favorites depending on where you are on the strip. Brady doesn’t have as many weapons as Manning but I think he can make up for it and get the job done over the Broncos this week.


Kansas City will destroy the Jets and they get my GuruDAMNtee stamp of approval this week. The Jets have gone to backup Mike Vick as the starter this week. It doesn’t matter who’s behind center, the Jets are doomed. Kansas City will run wild, no doubt about it.


New Orleans goes to Carolina Thursday night with first place in the NFC South on the line. This one is a crapshoot. The Saints should win but we know what they like to do on the road. Carolina is playing with an offensive line that might not be able to protect a high school quarterback. I’ll go New Orleans but this could go either way.


Give me Dallas over Arizona. I think the loss to the Redskins on Monday night should help Dallas even more. For some reason they WENT AWAY FROM DEMARCO MURRAY late in the ball game. The paid the price for doing so. Also, with Tony Romo’s back not at 100% this should also force the Cowboys’ hand to run the ball even more. Murray should touch the ball 30 times this week and the Cowboys will be just fine.

Hey. RGIII is back and will start this week against the Vikings. I’ll take the Vikings to cast even more doubt into the future of Robert Griffin THE THIRD.


Big Ben was on a mission last week as he had a huge day and the Ravens got hosed on a controversial offensive pass interference call that cost them the ball game. This one is another toss-up as you can never be too sure what will happen in division rivalry games. Nevertheless, I really like what they have going on in Baltimore. I’ll take the Ravens.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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