Assane Drame provides his take on the WWE’s Royal Rumble Blunder

By Assane Drame

Where was I when the Royal Rumble happened? At a friend’s house watching the pro bowl for a bit and the Royal Rumble match from my laptop to TV. Now each of us are fans of WWE in our own rights, I’m the critical one, Josh is the “here and there” guy. And my other friend Donald is a casual guy. I had my reasons for who should win or who should not. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were considered the favorites. Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Rusev, and Dolph Ziggler were considered dark horses. People also questioned if Randy Orton or The Rock would shock us with victories. So many questions, but at the end of the day, I didn’t like the result, but most of the WWE fans hated it. Roman Reigns won the Rumble in what was described as “terrible booking”. Terrible is a harsh word, but let’s go through a few things:
• Roman Reigns was getting beat down and looked to be finished until Big Show and Kane turned on each and allowed Reigns to uneventfully toss them over the rope. Winning in somewhat of Cena fashion.

• Speaking of which, why were Kane and Big Show a part of the final four in the rumble? (Along with Roman and Ambrose) it is like pitting Kevin Garnett/Jason Terry with Andrew Wiggins/Anthony Davis.

• Again, speaking of Ambrose, him Ziggler and Wyatt were tossed out by Show and Kane un-ceremonially when those three were the only people the crowd cheered for at that point.

• You also have possibly the most over superstar since Stone Cold in Daniel Bryan to be eliminated after just being in action for 10 minutes.

All of this equals an entire fan base turning on your prized prospect in Reigns, cheers for heels in Rusev, CM Punk chants, a Twitter trend of #CancelWWENetwork, and worst of all boos for The Rock (who came in the aid of Roman when he got attacked by Kane and Big Show).

​I understand that Roman Reigns is their prized prospect, the heir apparent of John Cena, but like many others I feel like he is simply not ready yet. He has not been able to withstand long lengthy matches and his mic skills are a work in progress. Even when he is doing promos by himself they tend to be a little awkward. Being told to talk about fairy tales instead of being short, straight to the point is not helping either. I don’t mind Roman being “the one” (even though it’s clear who everyone besides Vince and Triple H sees as the one).

However, rushing guys to the top hurts guys. Look at Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, the Miz. The WWE had options in Dolph, D-Bry, Dean, Wyatt, or even Orton. Roman Reigns does not deserve boos and heckling from fans during these recent times.

The WWE’s poor booking and decision making might’ve cost them their original plans for the short and possibly long term. So the way I see it, the creative team will need Paul Heyman to possibly facilitate this Brock-Roman Feud moving forward if they want the fans to get behind this or else we could have another Yes movement uprising on our hands. And as the authority would say, in their minds, that is not what’s best for business.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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