Take 5: Five observations from Super Bowl XLIX

By Assane Drame

​We were all spectators of the season finale that was the 2014 NFL season. With all of its ups and downs from Peyton Manning breaking records to the domestic violence slander. In the end, the show must go on. Super bowl 49 featured two teams that many people early in the season had written off due to slow starts. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Each team leading up to the game had their own share of storylines, the Patriots with deflate gate and Marshawn Lynch’s trademarks at press conferences. However, everyone had zeroed in on the game. One thing for sure is, this game might’ve been the best Super Bowl I’ve seen in recent memory regardless of me being a Colts fan. The Patriots won their 4th super bowl over the Seahawks 28-24 which in a way ended in somewhat of a controversy way on the side of Seattle. Lets’ take a look at the five things I’ve noticed from this year’s Super Bowl.

Take 1: Super Bowl MVP in question?
​Tom Brady received the honors of taking home the MVP honors of the Super Bowl with his 4 TDs while throwing for over 300 yards despite throwing two picks. These are good numbers considering he played the best defense I have ever seen. However, what about Malcolm Butler? You know the guy who caught the game clinching interception at his own team’s one to seal the game? No disrespect to Tom but many thought that the rookie corner should have been the MVP of that game. If it was not for him, we might be having a different conversation right now.

Take 2: Worst play calling ever?
​By the way, whose idea was it to have Russell Wilson throw on the one yard line? You have Marshawn Lynch, who is called beast mode for a reason! If you didn’t want to run it either, why not just fake the throw and have Russ roll out and try to get in the TD? Everyone from people watching at home to NFL players (current and former) were very confused by the decision. Most of us would agree that Seattle had the game in their hands, but literally threw it away. It’s ashamed because Jermaine Kearse’s amazing catch does not even matter now.

Take 3: Does deflate gate still matter?
​I’ll be honest, as a Colts fan, I don’t care about that whole fiasco because the score in the AFC championship game was a lot to a little. We lost so badly that I didn’t think deflated footballs would factor in much. However, many people took it to heart. The Patriots are called by many as cheaters and such so whenever people discuss the pats SB win, will they pull the “they deflate footballs to win” card? Only time will tell.

Take 4: Sore losers
​Back to the interception by Malcolm Butler. When he did that the Patriots were back at the one with a little under 20 seconds left and if they have kneed it, it would have been a safety and Seattle most likely would have gotten the ball back. Instead, someone on the line from Seattle jumped early and pretty much had cost them the game with the encroachment penalty. After that, Super Bowl 49 turned into the WWE Royal Rumble. A brawl broke out between the two teams which looked like started from the Patriots side when Michael Bennett got shoved but a few Seahawks took matters into their own hands. Many people thought that the Hawks were sore losers after that. Seattle LB Bruce Irvin, who got ejected after the Rumble was over, did apologize for his actions on Twitter.

Take 5: Gronk and Revis get championship rings
​We’ve heard it all about Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Congrats to them for getting over the 10 year hump even though this Colts fan does not like anything Patriots involved. Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in all of sports and when talking about the greatest QB of all time Brady may be 2nd to Joe Montana or even better. But hey, one of the best corners I’ve seen in Darrelle Revis and the best/coolest Tight End today in Rob Gronkowski win championships. I was rooting against the Patriots, but a small part of me was inflated for the owner of Revis Island and Brokowski get to the promise land.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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