The Business side of the NFL

The Business side of the NFL

If you haven’t learned by now how crazy the NFL can be for the players and its fans, then you will sooner or later.

I definitely learned that the NFL is strictly a ‘Business-first’ type of League.

Just today alone I have seen many well known names and players who I consider to be fan-favorites released from there teams today when the final cuts were made so each of the 32 teams can cut down to its final 53 man roster for the season.

Some of the people that were cut are usually rookies most who are undrafted but just today alone there has been at least 2 Heisman Trophy winners cut or released from there teams, with that being Matt Leinart and Troy Smith.

Some players who I believe are fan favorites that were released or cut from their team were T.J. Houshmandzadeh who signed a 5-yr deal last year with the Seahawks.

Also some other notable players that were cut were Titans RB Samkon Gado and Safety Myron Rolle,who was a Rhodes Scholar who had skipped the NFL Draft as a potential high draft pick in 2009 to go to study at Oxford University for a year. He was drafted this year in the 6th Round as the 207th pick.


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