Daniel Bryan: Doing the Impossible

By  ShaiVaughn Crawley

Dreams do come true. And at last nights PPV, Night of Champions, we got a first hand look at how that dream came to reality. Daniel Bryan, who was screwed over by COO Triple H at SummerSlam, finally got a chance to win the WWE Championship and actually celebrate it backstage. Daniel Bryan showed that even the small guys, can carry the gold on their shoulders.

Daniel Bryan, like Rey Mysterio, demonstrates to all, what the ‘small guys’ have to offer in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Last nights match was off the charts, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram chiming in on the action.
The match itself was nothing but fast paced action. Randy Orton showed why he was the WWE Champion, and Daniel Bryan showed why he deserved the gold.
Daniel Bryan, by pin fall, would eventually nail his new finisher, the ‘single leg high knee’, to pin Randy one, two, three. However, there’s some controversy sparking up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with debates on whether Bryan will be stripped of his Championship tonight, because of speculation that the Referee, Scott Armstrong, counted ‘too fast.’
Personally, yes. The count was indeed fast, but even after the match was over and Daniel Bryan was celebrating, Randy Orton was still laying on the mat, unconscious. With that being said, Scott Armstrong could’ve counted to 100!
My thoughts and opinions on the matter would be completely different if Daniel had performed a ‘school boy pin’, or a ‘roll up’, but it was a definite pin, in the middle of the ring, with no rope breaks. Daniel Bryan is very deserving of that Championship, and I feel as though he worked very hard for it. But what’s next for Daniel Bryan?
In an exclusive interview with Daniel Bryan just moments after winning the WWE title via. wwe.com, Daniel Bryan says, “I know they don’t want me to have this championship, but I’m going to hold on to it for as long as I possibly can.I will be ready for whatever they throw at me.” Daniel Bryan then stated that he would not party, because he had media in the morning as well as gearing up for tonight’s WWE RAW 3 hour program. But what exactly does Daniel Bryan mean when he says, “whatever they throw at me?”
I believe that two things could come of the result of last night. One, Scott Armstrong gets suspended or fired for his ‘quick pins’, or two, Daniel Bryan being stripped of the championship or Randy Orton getting his rematch clause tonight. 
Either way, it most likely won’t look good for the WWE Champion. If Daniel Bryan walks out of RAW tonight with the WWE Championship, it will be a hugs surprise to me. Tonight will be the night that we will truly see what’s ‘best for business’.

What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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