The Guru backs up Cam Newton and gives Week 7 NFL picks

By Trey Crosby III

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! Read all about it. The GURU is back and in full effect. Calm down folks, I know I went an astounding 13-2 last week on picks, but that’s just what I do. I advise you all to listen as I go for perfection this week. But first, let’s review what was Week 6.

Green Bay took out Baltimore last week in what ended up being a reminder of what happens when the NFL fines guys for any hit remotely near the head. Ravens S Matt Elam went extremely low in a tackle on Packers WR Randall Cobb, and well, he’s on Injured Reserve now. But, at least Cobb can’t sue the league for sustaining a concussion, right rules committee? Right.  I watched the replay over and over, and in real speed, that’s seriously about all you can do as a defender in order to make absolutely sure you don’t get a call from a league representative on Monday after the game.

Looks like that Browns magic is up. I didn’t trust Cleveland for a second and neither should you have. They won a couple games because guys on that team get paychecks just like everybody else in the NFL. I mean those are professionals out there on the field. However, at the end of the day, that’s a bad ball club, and they will remain so.

In a tragic story, Adrian Peterson lost his son due to murder a few days before Minnesota set out to take on the Carolina Panthers. Now, we find out that AP just met that son for the first time in the hospital. This week we find out AP has another “secret son” allegedly that nobody knew about. This story has taken a few bizarre twist.

Anyway, Carolina’s defense gave AP no room to run as they pounded the Vikings 35-10. Don’t look now, but I think Cam Newton is back. Did he ever really leave? According to the bright guys at ESPN he doesn’t exist. We have love for you over here at SportsMinded Cam.

Houston, WE HAVE A MOTHER F#*%$!@&* PROBLEM. Sorry, but the regular way of saying it is kind of watered down. Bottom line, its OVER in Houston. Like, DONE. Somebody call in Vince Young please.

Jacksonville gave Denver a scare for a second. Vegas oddsmakers gave gamblers a sucker bet, and I’m sure more than a few dimwits blew away some $$ in hopes that Peyton Manning would light up the board for 70. Nope.

Didn’t I tell you guys NOT TO GO AGAINST BRADY. This guy is the GOAT. The absolute GOAT. And that’s all I have to say about that one.

Finally, Bob Costas used his soap box to give America a lecture on the Redskins nickname during Sunday Night Football. Seriously, you have your opinion on the issue and that’s fine, but to use Sunday Night Football as a platform to do so is over the top and utterly ridiculous. But, Costas has done this before with his views on gun control in America too. Stick to football on Sunday Nights NBC. If I want politics, I’ll watch Rachel Maddow. Oh yeah, the Cowboys won. I have to find a way to incorporate RG Knee into every article from here on out. Just because I like to say RG Knee, seriously, he’s not the same.

Now to the picks.


2013-2014 Season picks record


    Upset Special (2-3)


  GuruDAMNtee (3-3)


                                               Last Week (13-2)


                                                  Overall (52-40)


Seahawks 21 @ Cardinals 13

Bills 20 @ Dolphins 28

Rams 14  @ Panthers 24

Bears 23 @ Redskins 24

Bengals 19 @ Lions 21

*Cowboys 34 @ Eagles 27* Upset Special

Chargers 30 @ Jaguars 17

Patriots 23 @ Jets 20

Bucs 12 @ Falcons 17

49ers 26 @ Titans 13

Ravens 19 @ Steelers 20

Browns 9 @ Packers 28

*Texans 16 @ Chiefs 27* GuruDAMNtee

Broncos 38 @ Colts 23

Vikings 24 @ Giants 21


I like the Chiefs as my “GuruDAMNtee” this week. They’ve been given a favorable schedule and are winning the games they are supposed to win. Alex Smith doesn’t blow you away, but he doesn’t lose games for you either.

Vegas has Philly by 3, and I’m picking Dallas. That’s the only upset I have picked, which to me isn’t really an upset. I never like to look at the spreads until after I have made my picks, so I find it interesting that I ended up going with all favorites except this week. Except for this game of course. For the record, Vick is hoping they lose.

Any Thad Lewis fans? I actually like this guy a lot. No, he doesn’t have a chance of being a legitimate starting QB on any legitimate NFL team, but I really admire him as a backup. That said, I don’t think he gets the job done against the Dolphins this week.

The Seahawks on the road have proven to not be that good, but I don’t see them dropping a game to the likes of Carson Palmer.

I’ll give RG Knee the nudge at home. Only because, I don’t fully trust Chicago yet. But, mark my words, that might be a dangerous Bears team by the middle of November.

Give me some more Riverboat Rivera please. Since being placed on the “Hot” Seat, Carolina Head Coach Ron Rivera is feeling gutsier than ever. He went for it twice on fourth down during the opening drive last week. Let’s see if Cam can get Carolina going in the right direction against St. Louis this week.

Finally, the match we’ve all been waiting for, Peyton Manning returning to Indy. So many storylines here. Can you really blame Jim Irsay for getting rid of Peyton Manning for the likes of Andrew Luck? Luck is a proven winner, and he’s gonna be around for 10-12 more years after Peyton has retired. It’s not like Peyton has a knack for winning Super Bowls or anything anyway. I know Peyton is performing at an all time high right now, but I’ve already made up my mind that no matter what, I’M NOT PICKING DENVER TO WIN IT ALL. Face it, I respect Peyton as much as the next football fan. Despite everything he is doing right now, if you told me, that to win the SuperBowl I had one drive from my own 20, down 6, with 1:30 remaining and 1 Timeout. Then asked the question, who do you you want Quarterbacking that drive. I’m going Tom Brady every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Facts are facts, Manning got Indy 1 ring, and say what you want about their defense but they won during the regular season, so you can’t criticize that same team for postseason play. My point is, I think Andrew Luck has just as much upside as Manning once did. Not to mention, Peyton was 3-13 during his rookie season.

Amazing we’re almost halfway through the NFL Season ehh?? I appreciate your comments every week. If you have anything to say, or a general question go ahead and #AskTheGuru. Thanks to Crystal Griffen for her kind remarks, and to anybody who wants to send in your picks, feel free to do so as well. Have a great week everybody and remember folks…COURAGE


One response to “The Guru backs up Cam Newton and gives Week 7 NFL picks

  1. Love the article’s Guru . . . You bring an interesting perspective that is a pleasant change of pace from main stream media commentary . . . You should have a spot on Mike&MIke

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