Bush hands off Heisman

Some say he was tired of all the talk that was going on and the waiting of what would happen to the winner of the Heisman, Reggie Bush and the trophy he got in 2005.

Some say he just wanted to hurry up and get it all over with and behind him.

Either way he has given back his Heisman today. (Sept 14, 2010)

Making him the first winner of the Heisman to ever give it back in its 75 year history.

He didn’t want to wait for the Heisman committee to get together to make the decision, after therewere rumors a week or two ago that they were going to strip him of the Heisman.

Eventually the Heisman Trust Committee denied the rumors of that report at the time. A few weeks before this rumor was even made, USC and new Athletic Director Pat Haden had given back the school’s copy of the trophy and everything else that showed Bush had attended USC.

Reggie Bush tweeted a few things later on today on his Twitter after forfeiting the Heisman.


Some of Reggie’s Tweets


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