How legitimate are they to get into the BCS title game?

Despite all the talk that had been going on in the season, off the field with Auburn’s quarterback Cam Newton, you would of thought that it had effected the way the quarterback played in the first half against Alabama.

Alabama had shut down Newton in the first half hold him to a negative ten yards in the first half rushing.

Alabama had also had a 24 to 0 lead in the first half as well, before Auburn barely was able to squeak in a touchdown pass to with five minutes left in the first half.

It’s not certain what was exactly said during halftime in the Auburn locker room, but as the Tigers came back out after halftime down 24 to 7 on the road, they looked like a completely different team.

Auburn scored the first two touchdowns of the third quarter with the first coming within a minute after the start of the third quarter.

A shocked Alabama team was able to get nothing but a field goal at the end of the 3rd quarter to keep a steady lead at 27-21 after Alabama‘s quarterback Greg McElroy was knocked out with a concussion and didn’t return to play after that..

The Tigers fired back soon after as the fourth quarter started, with what would be the last scoring play of the game and held off the Crimson Tide to a scoreless in the fourth quarter.

Auburn showed why they were the number two ranked team in the nation the way they played in the second half against last years BCS champion coming back from the early 24 point deficit.


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