Can lighting strike twice for the Bolts?

After a long wait, the time has finally come for the return of San Diego Chargers’ wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Jackson, who had a great season last year, was in one of the last years of his contract with the Chargers, had come into the off-season season wanting to be Chargers wide receiver long-term.

Jackson decided to hold out until week 12 of this season thinking the Chargers would cave-in first and give the contract he had been looking for.

The Chargers saw it differently and decided that despite Jackson’s great season last year, they weren’t looking to pay him the type of money he had been asking for.

Jackson ended up skipping all of the preseason and most of the regular season, before he became the first to cave-in and sign the one year tender despite the multiple offers that the Chargers declined.

There was also rumors around week two that many teams were looking to trade for him including the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams, which the Chargers had also declined.

One of the main reasons that Jackson signed the tender so late in the season was to play the final six games of the season.

A player must be apart of six games in one season to account for one year of experience in the league.

This was key for Jackson for next years off-season. Jackson being in the NFL for six years needs to have seven years of experience to be eligible to become a unrestricted free-agent if he doesn’t stay with the Chargers next season.

Jackson needed to sign in week nine to stay on track with his plan to play the last six games, because he needed to miss three weeks of action due to a suspension he received for getting a DUI late in the season last year.

Chargers plan to start Jackson in the Sunday night game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Jackson comes right on time as one of his many replacements through out the season, Patrick Crayton dislocated his wrist in his big game against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night as he was scoring a touchdown.

Even thought it is uncertain whether Jackson will be a Charger next year, it is safe to say that he will start for the Chargers for the remainder of the season.


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