Nevada made the impossible become possible

The unthinkable happened in front of a crowd of 30,712 people on senior night for the Nevada Wolfpack. They had to play their toughest opponent of the year, number four ranked Boise State.

Most teams that faced Boise State probably knew they had no chance winning when they faced the Broncos, maybe expect for the Wolfpack.

Despite all the trick plays, the national rankings, and the hype behind the Boise State team, the last four years the Wolfpack had played the Broncos really tough but only to come up short year after year.

This year was different for the Wolfpack. Maybe it was something in the air, maybe it was the belief that they could beat the Broncos, or maybe it was just pure luck but no matter what it was, this was the year it happened.

The Broncos had an unusual first quarter, ending the quarter with a 3 to 0 lead. As the second quarter was being played it looked to be like a usual Boise State type performance as they took a 17 to 0 lead over the Wolfpack.

With five minutes left before the end of the half, Nevada scored their first touchdown of the game to be down 17 to 7. As nothing ever happened Boise State got the ball on their next drive and got another touchdown to lead 24-7 to go into halftime.

As the game had seemed to be already over for the Wolfpack, they managed to get a late third quarter touchdown over Boise state.

The game only got more interesting as Nevada scored again at the start of the fourth quarter and then grabbed another field goal again in the middle of the fourth quarter to tied the score at 24 to 24.

Boise State QB Kellen Moore came back on the field with the offense after Nevada got the field goal, and answered back with one huge throw for 79 yards down the field for a touchdown to his wide receiver Doug Martin.

With five minutes left and a quiet Nevada crowd, the game seemed over but the wolfpack slowly toughed it out and worked their way down the field leaving 13 seconds left in the four quarter as they scored a touchdown to tie the game 31 to 31.

With 13 seconds left Moore threw another deep ball 54 yards down the field to Titus Young to set up a first and goal and a potential game winning field goal.

As Kyle Brotzman lined up to kick the game winning field goal for the Broncos, you were able to see the nervous kicker try to focus to kick the ball down the middle.

All the pressure seemed to have gotten to the kicker as he missed the 26 yard field goal, which sent the game into overtime.

After a coin flip which was won by Nevada, they decided to start overtime on defense and give Boise State the first chance with the ball.

Moore competed a few key passes and got the Broncos again in the perfect position to win the game with a field goal.

As Brotzman went to kick the ball again with another chance to end the game, he seemed to collapse under the pressure once again and missed the kick.

A very motivated Nevada team got their shot at the ball to win the game and after senior quarterback Colin Kaepernick leading the Wolfpack down the field with the rushing help from running back Vai Taua, Nevada found itself in the perfect spot to get a field goal chance of their own to win the game.

Unlike Brotzman, Nevada kicker Anthony Martinez kicked the game winner 34 yard field goal to win the game.

The number 19 ranked Wolfpack had defeat the number 4 ranked Broncos 34-31, in what is sure to be an instant college football classic.

With the loss, Boise State found them self out of the running for a shot at the BCS title and the Rose Bowl game along with the end of their 24 game winning streak.


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