Bittersweet Week for the 49ers

As most of you know by now, the San Francisco 49ers demolished the Arizona Cardinals in the Monday Night Football game by a score of 27-6.

In case you turned off the game a bit early, you missed a solid performance from former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook, who filled in for the 49ers featured back Frank Gore, with 23 car, 136 yards, 1 TD.

Gore was seen walking to the back after a play on Monday and was said not to be returning to the game after he cracked his hip.

Now Gore won’t be returning for the remainder of the season either. Gore was placed on Injured Reserve Tuesday.

With Gore out, the 49ers try to continue their push to the top of the NFC West with Westbrook and rookie running back Anthony Dixon.

Whether it will be the next thunder and lighting combo, we won’t go that far just yet, but the combo should be able to fill the shoes that Gore left behind.

Also, with an aging Gore, the 49ers will keep a close eye on what Dixon is able to produce the rest of the season, because it possible that with his age and recent injury, we don’t know what can be in store for Gore in 2011.


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