Lebron James brings his talent back to Cleveland

By James H. Williams

We all know that LeBron James has officially brought his talents to South Beach over the summer when he joined the Miami Heat but he has to return to Cleveland on Thursday for a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, where James had spent his first seven years in the league after being drafted as the first pick, in the first round of the 2003 NBA draft.

The Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has hired extra security for the game, both in uniform and some under cover around the Heat bench and locker room to prevent any possible problems.

The Cleveland crowd plans to get inside the head of James, by chanting and yelling every time he touches the ball or goes to the line for a free throw.

Lebron said he would be nervous about arriving to a familiar place and having to go into the other locker room instead of his old home locker room, but said that once he gets on the court and the game begins, it will be nothing but just another game.

There is even a schedule made out for Cleveland fans to follow chants threw out the game, based on the time of the game and what the situation is involving James when he gets the basketball in his hands.

Click Here For The Chant Sheet For LeBron’s Return To Cleveland


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