Who Will Win It All?

The Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks are only a few hours from kickoff in the biggest game of the year. These two teams have surpassed all that was required of them to get to the BCS title game, that all 120 FBS (Division I-A) teams strive to play in.

Oregon has the number one offense in all of college football coming into the game and plan to run up the score to claim the title for their own.

Auburn is coming off a 8-5 (3-5 in the SEC) last year, having found their way into the BCS title game this year led by Heisman Winner Cam Newton.

As we all know Cam Newton and his off the field issues have made him a huge media target but he has found a way to leave it off the field and play at his best.

The big factor as to who will win this game will be the two team’s defenses. The Game winner will come down to which team’s defense will make that one key stop to keep their team in full control of the game.

The Ducks and the Tigers are the first two teams to play in a BCS title game that were not in the pre-season top 10 rankings.

Despite all the distractions and events that may have taken place during the long layoff, that lasted over a month, its time for the two teams to buckle up their chinstraps and play some high flying Football!


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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