Ohio State Stars Expected to Play in the Sugar Bowl

We are only about an hour away from a good match up between Ohio State and Arkansas in the All State Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

There is some speculation about some of the star players and captains on Ohio State. One of their star players, who is their starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor, was among one of the five players that were suspended for five games next season.

The NCAA suspended these players for selling and giving away memorabilia such as gold pants, championship rings, and autographed jerseys for discounted prices on tattoos from a local tattoo parlor.

Even though the players of Ohio State were suspended for the first five games of next season, they still are eligible to play tonight in the coveted Sugar Bowl.

Many people who are asked about this, don’t agree with the decision at all, made by the NCAA and believe that the players should be ineligible for this game as well. Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel seems to have taken some of what the people have been saying into consideration.

Tressel told the five players, all of which are juniors and eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft, that if they wanted to get on the plane for the trip to the Sugar Bowl and play, they would have to give their word to the coach, that they promised to return to Ohio State next season and serve their five game suspensions.

Some thought that Ohio State would handle the situation, by trying to reduce next year’s suspension. Some have thought that having the players skip the Sugar Bowl game, would make it likely that the NCAA would reduce the five game suspensions next year.

That seems to be out of the question as Tressel said in a pre-game interview that the players will play in the Sugar Bowl.

Ohio State will need all the help they could get as they are 0-9 against SEC teams in BCS Bowl Games.


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