A legend calls it quits in the middle of the season after 26 years

If you don’t know by now, its not often that one team can keep one of those special players or coaches for more than a few years.

That couldn’t be said about the Utah Jazz since 1989, when the Jazz named Jerry Sloan as their head coach and the journey to become the longest-tenured coach in all of American pro sports began.

Sloan was one of those coaches who was always so close with his team to winning titles year after year, but there was unfortunately that one team that he couldn’t beat, that team being the Chicago Bulls.

As a former coach for the Bulls, in his early days as a coach, you would think he would have had the edge against them, but the Bulls were just too much.

Sadly, during his 23rd year coaching the Jazz, he resigned, saying “my time is up”.

There was a rumor that his all-star point guard Deron Williams was a main reason for his departure, after the two were said to have gotten into an argument during halftime of a game, days before Sloan resigned.

Neither, Sloan or Williams said that it was part of the decision for the coach to resign but it’s almost safe to say that it may have been the final breaking point for Sloan after 26 years of coaching.

Sloan ends his run as Utah’s coach with an 1127-682 record in 1809 of the games; he coached for the Jazz and a 96-100 playoff record, as apart of the 1221-803 record from over his entire coaching career in a total of 2024 games.

It’s not known what is next for Sloan, but he’s going to be known as one of the best in the NBA.


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