Something is better than nothing for Nets

The New Jersey Nets were one of a couple teams interested in trading to obtain Carmelo Anothey from the Denver Nuggets.

The die-hard Nets fans probably felt disappointed in their failed attempt to get Carmelo but fans have probably forgotten about Melo by now, with the Nets making an afternoon trade which landed them Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz.

Williams is not exactly Carmelo Anthony but he is still regarded as one of the best point guards in the NBA.

The Jazz Traded G Deron Williams to New Jersey for G Devin Harris, F Derrick Favors and first-round draft picks in 2011 and 2012.

The Nets currently have a 17-40 record which they took into the all-star break, and despite the season not being over quite yet, it’s almost certain that the Nets won’t reach the playoffs this year.

If anything the Nets’ fans are happy to at least see the team make some moves and have some sort of foundation set, so that within a few years from now the Nets can be a solid contender and compete in the East.

When the Jazz were asked if Deron Williams would have been traded if Jerry Sloan was still the head coach of the Jazz, and the answer was yes, and that the altercation that Williams and Sloan had didn’t have anything to do with Sloan resigning as coach on February 10th or Williams being traded on February 23 to the Nets.


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