Miami maybe feeling the Heat that was created during the summer


The Chicago Bulls have officially swept the season series over the Miami Heat this season with an 87-86 win today.

The Heat lead the first half of the game going into half time with a score of 49-40. The game stayed close all the way threw as the lead went back and forth all the way to the final buzzard.

The Heat had yet another game winning shot opportunity but were unable to get the win as time expired.

Both LeBron James, who had a chance with a lay-up, and Dwayne Wade, who got the rebound off James missed lay up, and had a shot to get it in but came up short as it bounced off the rim.

After the game Miami’s Head Coach Erik Spoelstra said that some of his players were crying in the locker room after the loss to the Bulls.

It is without question the Heat should be in panic mode after now losing their fourth game in a row.

James has missed 4 straight shots in the final 10 seconds with a chance to tie or take the lead during the current four game losing slump, while the Heat, as a team are 1-18 shooting in the final 10 seconds when down by 3 points or less this season.

The Heat also have a 1-9 record against the top five teams in the league, which includes the Celtics, Lakers, Mavericks, Bulls and the Spurs.


Miami needs to get a solid game plan together if they want to win games in the playoffs against the NBA’s elite especially when they have an overall record of 4-13 when a game is decided by 5 points or less.


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