Celtics prevail over the Knicks

The Boston Celtics keep the lead over the New York Knicks in their first round playoff series 2-0, after the 96-93 victory on Tuesday night.

The Celtics had the advantage against the Knicks after Amare Stoudemire was ruled out of the second half for the Knicks with back spasms, scoring just 4 points in the first half.

After the Knicks found themselves without the help of Stoudemire or Chauncey Billups, who was ruled out at the start of the game, it was up to the all-star forward Carmelo Anthony to lead the charge for the Knicks.

Anthony led the Knicks with 42 points and 17 rebounds but it still was not enough to stop the Celtics.

Celtics Point Guard Rajon Rondo was the driving force for his team after picking up 30 points and 7 assists.

Despite the game still being with in reach for New York, Kevin Garnett pulled the plug on the Knicks with 13 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Garnett hit the game closing jump hook over Jared Jeffries to seal the game for the Celtics.

Garnett finished the game with 12 points and 10 rebounds.


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