Cavaliers get the luck of the draw

Los Angeles Clippers may have actually given up more than they thought at the NBA trade deadline on February 24.

The Clippers traded away point guard Baron Davis and their 2011 first-draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for point guard Mo Williams and forward Jamario Moon.

What the Clippers or Cavaliers did not know was that it would be the first round pick would be the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

It was announced at the NBA draft lottery, the Cavaliers had won the number one overall spot, with the Minnesota Timberwolves getting the second pick and the Utah Jazz getting the third overall pick on Tuesday night.

The Cavaliers also were awarded with the fourth overall pick from their own first round draft lottery pick.

Clippers fans probably were not happy with the fact that they gave the number one overall pick to Cavaliers but it may still have been a smart move.

If the Clippers did not make the trade they probably were going find themselves in what would seem like the same situation they have been in for the last few off seasons.

The Clippers would of had to pay Baron Davis, the big money contract that he was owed for another two years, add yet another player under the age of 23 to their roster that would of been acquired through the draft and then have no cap flexibility to work with during the rest of the off season.

Since the Clippers did make the trade adding Williams and Moon, the Clippers saved nearly $8.5 million dollars in cap room.

This could help the Clippers bring in another veteran player to the Clippers roster by either trade or free agency and help lead the charge with All-Star player Blake Griffin.

As for the Cavaliers, who are looking to rebuild through this year’s NBA draft, are likely to take point guard Kyrie Irving, from Duke with their first pick.

The Cavaliers are also likely to use the number four pick on center Enes Kanter from Turkey, who was recruited to play college basketball at Kentucky but was ruled ineligible in 2011 because he had received $33,000 in excess benefits from a Turkish professional basketball team.


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