R.I.P. Macho Man

Today the wrestling world lost one of its greatest and most unique superstars.

Randy Poffo aka “Macho Man” Randy Savage died at age 58, after he reportedly suffered a heart attack while driving with his wife in Florida, which led to him losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree on Friday.

Savage’s wife Lynn Payne, who married Savage in 2010, was said to only have minor injuries after the accident.

Savage was a minor league outfielder after college from 1971-1975 for MLB teams systems including the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, and the Cincinnati Reds.

After Savage developed a severe muscle tear and ligament separation in his throwing arm, his baseball career was in question.

The right hander decided to teach himself how to throw left handed, rather than to retire.

After Savage was let go by the White Sox in 1975, he decided to call it a career.

Savage ended his minor league career with a .254 batting average, brought in 130 runs in 869 at bats, and had 21 stolen bases.

After baseball Savage found himself joining his father and brother as a wrestler.

Savage began his wrestling career in 1973 as the character “The Spider Friend”, a spider-man type character.

Later he took on the name Randy Savage while wrestling in Georgia.

Savage joined the WWF in June 1985, and began to work his way up the company ladder, accompanied by his manger Miss Elizabeth.

Savage had an unsuccessful Intercontinental Championship match against the Champion Tito Santana by late 1985.

Macho Man challenged Santana again in February of 1986 and defeated Santana for the title.

Savage then went on to feud with George “the Animal” Steele which led to a title match at Wrestlemania II.

Savage also went on to feud with Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat, which led to the historic match between to the two competitors at Wrestlemania III for the Intercontinental title.
Steamboat defeated Savage in their historic match up which ended the 14 month title reign of the Macho Man.

The classic battle between Steamboat and Savage earned the title of Match of the Year in 1987.

Savage then went on later in the year to win the King of the Ring Tournament in 1987 and also teaming with wrestling icon Hulk Hogan to form the team “The Mega Powers.”

A year later from his historic match with Steamboat, Savage found him self in the main event of Wrestlemania IV, after lasting through a 14-man tournament for the vacant WWF championship.

Savage won the finals of the tournament by defeating Ted DiBiase, to claim the prestigious WWF championship.

One of his biggest feuds was with Hulk Hogan who defeated Savage at Wrestlemania V, in which Hogan ended the reign of the Macho Man, who held the WWF title for over a year.


The Ultimate Warrior put the wrestling career of the Macho Man on hold at Wrestlemania VII in a career-ending match, which led Savage to stepping away from the ring for a bit and so joined the announcing table for commentary.

Savage also had went on to marry Miss Elizabeth at the 1991 SummerSlam Pay-per-view, which then led to a feud with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, as he tried to interrupt the wedding.

Macho Man then went on to feud with another wrestling legend in Ric Flair, which led to another WWF title match win, giving Savage his second reign as champion during Wrestlemania VIII.

It was at this time in his feud with Flair that Savage and Ms. Elizabeth got a divorce in real life and Elizabeth stopped appearing in WWF. (Elizabeth died of result of a drug and alcohol overdose in May 1, 2003 at age 42.)

Flair then regained the title from Savage later in 1992, after outside interference got involved.

After two more years with the WWF, Macho Man joined WWF company rival, WCW in 1994.

He continued a past feud with Ric Flair once again in WCW, both winning and losing the title to Flair during the feud.

This made both Savage and Flair the only duo to win and lose both the WWF and WCW versions of the world title to each other.

Savage also went on to feud with more wrestling greats including Sting, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, and Roddy Piper to name a few.

Savage made his last appearence in WCW in May 3, 2000 and wasn’t seen in a ring after for five years.

He later joined the TNA wrestling brand to feud with Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in 2004.

The Macho Man never wrestled or returned to a ring again.

Savage was out of the wrestling scene until 2009 when WWE (formally known as WWF) announced it was going to make a DVD based on Randy Savage’s career titled Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection.

The DVD was a three disc set, showing eight hours of matches and classic promos done by the Macho Man but no biography or documentary was included.

Savage jumped back into the wrestling scene for the final time as he signed a deal with Mattel and to create a figurine as part of the “WWE Defining Moments” action figure set.

He promoted his figure in one of his classic “Macho Man” promos while holding the figurine, which was the first time that many wrestling fans had seen or heard from him in years.

During the late 1990’s he was the famous spokesman for Slim Jim snacks.

Savage also acted in various movies, TV shows, and animated series and films.

In 2003 he had released a rap album titled “Be a Man”, and was said to have another ready for release but it never was.

Whether it was his signature elbow drop from the wrestling ring turnbuckle, the flashy and unique gear he wore, the famous deep and raspy voice, his original theme song “Pomp and Circumstance,” his unforgettable promos, or the signature phrase “Ooh yeah!”

The Macho Man Randy Savage will always be remember and is sure to be a WWE Hall of Famer.


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