Downey plays huge part in West victory in 44th Annual 605 All-Star Football Game

By James H. Williams

Vikings played huge part in the West winning the 44th Annual 605 All-Star game.

While summer football practice may still be a few weeks away, some of Downey High’s seniors took the field representing their high school during the 605 High School All-Star Game at Cerritos College.

Downey High was well represented, both the field and on the sidelines during the game.

Vikings head coach Jack Williams coached the West team to a victory over the East 23-16 in Overtime.

Downey players Wide receiver Perry Gomez and Lineman Daniel Oveal played significant roles in the game as well.

Viking players Miles Claiborne and Jonathan Nava were also on the roster for the West.

The West and East both had dominate defenses that kept the game scoreless by the end of the first quarter.

Oveal took down the East’s Quarterback to pick up the first sack of the game in the early part of the quarter to get the defense going.

The West’s offense found themselves unable to take advantage on two attempts within the 20 yards of the end zone to score in the first quarter.

The West and East both had dominate defenses that kept the game scoreless by the end of the first quarter.

Gomez caught a catch from Long Beach Poly Quarterback Andrew Perez, which had helped put together a drive that led to the West taking a field goal.

The West took the 3-0 lead with 5 minutes left in the second quarter.

Perez connected again with Gomez for another catch, for a 5 yard gain with less than a minute remaining before halftime.

The catch was followed by a 14 yard touchdown catch by Louis Tornero of Compton High, to give the West the 9-0 lead.

East managed to get a field goal in the final few seconds to close out the second quarter in the final few seconds to take the game into halftime at 9-3.

The West found themselves in the end zone once again on their first drive after halftime.

The East fumbled the ball on the kickoff return following the touchdown play and the West was able to recover and get the ball back again but was not able to capitalize.

The East back to rally back into the game as Wide receiver Donald Gumbs of Norwalk scored a touchdown.

The touchdown by the East made the score 16-9, after the East missed the extra point.

The West threw a crucial interception to the East on their own 20 yard line to keep the hopes of the East alive with over 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

The East scored a touchdown followed by the extra point, with 1:19 still left on the clock in the game.

Gomez caught another pass for the West as they worked their way down the field to win the game.

West’s Kicker Richard Valencia had his 38 yard field goal kicked blocked as time expired to send the game into overtime.

The West got the first chance with the football on offense and took advantage of it.

After the first two plays of overtime which resulted into 25 yards for the West, quarterback Aaron Cantu threw Perry Gomez the eventual game winning touchdown.

The East fell short on their chance to tie the game in Overtime as a potential touchdown was caught near the side of the end zone on 3rd down but was ruled out of bound.

On 4th down, West’s defensive back Aaron Williams from Dominguez caught an interception that was intended for an East receiver, which sealed the victory for the West.

West Quarterback Aaron Cantu was named the MVP of the game.

(SportsMinded’s (James Williams) article published in the Downey Patriot)


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