Saddleback holds off RCC

Josh Smith led the Saddleback Gauchos to victory over the Riverside Community College Tigers 74-65.

Smith led the Gauchos with 19 points to go along with his 10 rebounds and three steals.

Tigers guard Mason Biddle lead the team in scoring with 16 points.

Biddle had 10 of his 16 points come from the free throw line, where he made 10 of his 11 free throw shots from the line.

Mason also contributed with two steals, two assists, and one rebound for the Tigers.

Tigers forward Jacob Straley was the go-to-guy early in the game for the team.

Straley scored nine of his 12 total points in the first half against the Gauchos.

The Tigers had the lead over the Gauchos at halftime, 31-30, before the Gauchos took over the game in the 2nd half.

The Tigers were outscored in the second half by ten points.

The Gauchos are now currently 14-7 with the win over the Tigers and move to 5-1 in Orange Empire Conference games this season.

The Tigers are now 10-8 with the loss and are 4-2 in OEC games.


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